Monday, December 29, 2008

Happy 40 Years Mom and Dad, December 28th, 2008!!

Even though they don't read this blog, I'm posting a picture for those of you who know my folks. They celebrated their 40th yesterday, on the Feast of the Holy Family. Yes, I was a honeymoon baby and yes, this means I will be turning 40 this year!! (I was actually born 3 weeks early and my mom was very embarrassed by that! She was a virgin until their wedding night) They met in May and married in December! My dad was in the Marines and my mom was talking to her girlfriend in a cafe and her girlfriend was flirting with 2 marines across the room. She motioned them to come over and my dad stood at the table and my mom looked at him like "what are you doing?" Well, she finally moved over and let him sit with them and the rest is history. I know on their first date after going to Mass, they went out and had Jello at a restaurant. Cute, huh? They met in California, where my mom is from and their honeymoon was the trip back to Minnesota!!


  1. 40th is a big one! Congrats to Jamie's parents!

    Yup...the big 4-0 coming up Jamie! Catching up with us ol'farts.

    Funny how your mom was embarrassed. These days anything goes.

  2. Happy Anniversary to your folks!!

    40. We'll have to cyber celebrate, huh? Mine is this coming October and it's kinda freaky. I feel young, though, so it's cool.

    Christine - I wish that weren't true!!!

  3. How sweet! Next year would have been my parents' 50th, although I like to think that it will be quite a party in heaven for them come April!

  4. Happy Anniversary! :-) What a great story about them getting together. Those military men...something about them!

  5. Jaime, Happy Anniversary to your parents! You look just like your Mom!

    Thank you so much for the wonderful snail mail today, the picture of your beautiful family, and the lovely note! What a nice surprise! It made my day!

    I have an endometriosis/infertility/prayer blog and want to post more, but I don't think anybody visits my blog. I haven't had any new comments in awhile.

    A friend of mine has the Our Lady of Fatima statue on loan. They allowed us to borrow it during Christmas week and we still have it.

    Does anybody have any prayer requests? Visit my blog and leave your prayer requests in the comment section. I will ask Our Lady of Fatima to pray and intercede for all of you!



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