Monday, December 8, 2008

I Found Some Chocolate!!!

Is this a sign of age? I have never felt like this before, I needed chocolate. I didn't want it, I needed it!! I never even buy chocolate chips because I will eat a handful after each meal. I just don't buy chocolate at all. Unless, of course I am making something with it or giving it away. But today, for some reason I was craving it so much, it was really weird! So, I searched and searched and look what I found!! I had a chunk. It was good. I'm ok now.

Have you ever accidentally ate the unsweetened chocolate chunks? I did when I was about 7 years old. I remember sneaking up in my mom's cupboard and thinking "wow! Why does she have this?" Then, I took a bite. and I thought again "wow! Why does she have this?"
(only in the second thought, it was in disgust)


  1. I keep a special bag of Dove milk chocolates hidden (in an old empty rice box-- shhh!) for just that reason. There are just some times that you must have chocolate. I do believe it's hormonal so I can claim that the chocolate is for medicinal purposes!

  2. I have accidentally tasted the unsweetened ones...really bad!

  3. You are posting again! Yeah!

    I am a chocolate lover, and get really frustrated if anyone else eats my stash. I save it for those special days when all I need is one bite to get me through. Now that I think about it - I'm going to have to go have a nibble!

    (ans yes, the unsweetened stuff - yuk! and WHY?)

    Can't wait to see you again!

  4. I missed you! I'm glad you are writing again. And yes, I've eaten the unsweetened ones by mistake...just a few months ago...

  5. oh my goodness oh my goodness OH MY GOODNESS....

    That went through my mind when I peeked in and saw all the new posts!!!!! I will go back and read them....

  6. OK...about chocolate. I love it and eat it a lot. I need it.

    Yup...we are loving the snow also. A little cold but we are looking forward to more snow. John loves to snowboard now.

    AND the picture thing is funny. You would die laughing if you saw how we did pictures. It is craaaazzzyyy!

    So fun to see you...hear you and pray with you!!! see ya soon!

  7. RICE BOX!? Why didn't I think of that??? That's pure genius, I tell you!

  8. Have you ever been desperate enough to melt the un-sweetened and add a little sugar? That's always been my back-up plan. At least with the un-sweetened, you don't have to worry about someone else eating it!

    Apparently my 2yo thought he needed chocolate last week ... he found the ghiradelli chocolate (from Sam's) that I use for Christmas baking and started to gnaw on a chunk! The teeth marks were a dead giveaway - so was the chocolate framed mouth.

    Love the new look on your blog - I like winter (birthday, Christmas, anniversary . . . snow & lights!)

  9. I didn't, but my sister did. HA! That was hilarious! They're great in homemade brownies, though.


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