Monday, January 26, 2009


Growing up, my husband and his family fondued. It is one of his very few good memories. We decided we'd try it and if we liked it, we would fondue for Christmas Eve next year and for whoever wants it for special occasions, like birthdays or whatever.

My husband went and bought this pot this past weekend and we tried it last night. We had an array of different foods: Mozzarella and cheddar cheese chunks, onion rings, chicken, steak, mushrooms, pineapple, grapes, strawberries and bananas. We had a beer batter (made with water), a onion ring batter and a Italian bread crumb/egg coating. Oh, and of course a chocolate fondue. (for the fruit) We also had numerous dips, sweet and sour, mustard, spaghetti sauce, ketchup, and some spicy stuff only my husband had.

I have never done fondue. I had no idea what it would be like or even taste like. We filled the pot with Canola oil and waited for it to get hot and stood there for the next 2 1/2 hours or so to eat a little at a time, as it got done. We decided in order to feed this many people we'd need another fondue pot with oil and another one for the dessert. We had to wait for the oil to cool, clean everything up and then melt the chocolate. I kept thinking this is just like deep fat frying, isn't it? I could feel my arteries clogging up as I tasted. I just don't like greasy things. I do eat healthy. (I have really really good cholesterol) I love fruit and vegetables and fresh stuff. The chocolate was good, but pretty rich and after trying each piece of fruit in the chocolate, that was about all anyone could handle.

The kids did have a blast though. It was fun to see them try new foods and try to experiment. They can't wait to do it again. We would do less next time, one less batter, the onion ring batter was the best! I could see using this fondue pot for special desserts sometimes too. It was worth it to try it and fun to do something like this together as a family.


  1. We have a fondue party with friends once a year, and it is a lot of fun! You can also make a cheese fondue and dip things in that-veggies, bread, etc...YUM!

  2. You brought me back to the fondues of my youth. Once in a while my mom did cheese after skiing but more often it was chocolate!

    We have a great restuarant called the melting pot where you can fondue your whole meal...cheese to dinner to dessert! If you want to luxuriate over a long meal, this is the way to go! :)

    Have fun experimenting.

  3. We do this with my family for Valentines almost every year. My mom uses the same fondue pot she's had since I was a little girl. We have beef and chicken. I remember one year I was pregnant doing this, and couldn't stomach a thing. But usually it's a big hit, and encourages conversation and light eating since you have to wait so long between pieces.

    Have fun with it, and focus on the fun instead of the fat!

  4. PS - I got something for you over at my Growing in Grace blog.

  5. Instead of using the oil, try a Swiss cheese fondue for your savory dish. You can make it on the stove and then pour it in the fondue pot hot. Dip French bread, raw veggies, ham cubes, apple slices. Yum.

  6. I love fruit and chocolate fondue!

  7. Growing up, there was a popular fondue place down the road from where we lived. I only went twice, and never really got into it. I do have to saw I love a bit of fried food now and then, and your dinner sounded really good! I'm surprised your tummy was able to handle it. :-)

  8. Jen, it's the leftover smells that were the killer, onions, the worst!! Every time I walk by the garbage, I gag. I should just empty the darn thing, huh?

    Thanks for the great ideas everyone! Fondues do seem to be a great memory making family thing to do, I'm glad we have a pot now!

  9. My hubby grew up with fondue, too. Our first Christmas was my first fondue experience. I have to admit, it didn't feel like a meal.

    My mom tried it for the first time this past Christmas. Caramel w/ banana or pound cake was my favorite, but cheese w/ bread was good, too. She used SIX fondue pots!

    BTW, I received a fondue pot, just like yours, in our name exchange. I'd really like to try the tempura (sp??) batter that my future SIL talked about.

  10. My dh use to fondue as a kid. Bought us one and the oil made my stomach sick so I have not used it since.


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