Thursday, January 15, 2009

Too Cold for Clouds!

Yes, it's too cold for clouds here in Minnesota. I guess that's the silver lining, that the sun is shining bright on these cold, cold, days! Our low today was -26 and the temp right now is -16 with an expected high of -6. Now, for you southern warm climate people who don't understand what wind chill is, the wind chill today is -31 right now and that means that if you go outside that's the temp it feels like. So, basically frost-bite happens within 10 minutes on any exposed skin. So the local schools have delayed school 2 hours. Even though the warnings are out until noon. Hmmmm....yes, 2 hours will help. Let's just say, I'm soooo glad we homeschool.

Good news though, above zero temps are coming this weekend!!! Yahoo!! You should see us Minnesotans after a string of below zero days, that above zero temp, even if only a few degrees, feels soooooo warm, we even venture out without hats and mittens and might even unzip our coats!!! Really, I'm not exaggerating.

We are staying in and the kiddos are going to watch a movie with popcorn and hot cocoa as their snack. Picture this mama laying on the couch with 4 kiddos sitting on her, trying to doze off. Oh, I can do it, really I can. And I'm going to.

Stay warm wherever you are. It won't last forever.

The local schools did close today!! Now, my kids are wishing we did not homeschool...we still have school.


  1. That double-edged sword of homeschooling -- so great to sleep late and not wait in the cold the bus stop, but snow does not prevent those books from being cracked!

    Since I have both homeschooled and schooled, we usually err on the snow day side. Today we have negative temps, and six inches of snow, but no snow day! Crackin' the books...

  2. No school for my kiddos. Lots of yahoos around here. I still had to go to a Drs. appt this morning.

    Enjoy your movie and popcorn...sounds like fun! I am also looking forward to this weekend for some warm outside fun.

  3. This weekend is going to feel like Spring! Compared to last night it will be a 60 degree difference in just a few days - that's happened a couple times this winter.

    We opt to keep schooling. It all works out for the best in the end because we'll have less to do when it's 'really' spring, and we can end our year earlier.

  4. I would like whipped cream on my cocoa, please. It's warmer here, but to me 17 degrees is bitter!!


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