Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tote/Impromptu Meme

Jamie with her "tote" purse! (Go ahead click on the picture, see how stylin' I am up close!)

Barbara tagged me for this meme. This is me, I usually shower each morning, but today I was lazy and straightened my hair instead, (of course that turns out to be the impromptu picture day) so usually it's curly. My style? Pretty much anything around $10. Hate to say it, but it's true. I have no style, except color. Can't you tell by my flowery K-mart shirt? I have a turquoise one too. I usually wear plain long sleeve tees with no design or print on them (don't you know prints are supposed to make a person look heavier?) and they are all the same, just different colors. I'm terrible, I find a shirt and buy several different colors of it over several weeks, then I'm set. Oh, and the tees are big, so I'll be able to wear them for a while!

I really wish I was a Land's End style person. But I don't have the money or the body. In the end, who really cares anyway? No one. SO, my kids will not be wanting to "share" my clothes or shoes, I'm just not that cool. That's ok, there's enough of them to share eachothers, right?

Purse/tote? Yep, Wal-Mart, cheapest purse that had a long enough strap to put on my arm and not fall off and big enough to put all my stuff in even a diaper and wipes if needed. Again, no style. When I have a baby, the diaper bag becomes my purse. I am a bag person, I have lots of big bags for putting "stuff" in like the pool bag, the dance bag, the church bag, the library bag, the picnic bag.

OK, tag time!! How many can I tag? How about: JessicaJo Tracy

Christine Melissa-MN Melissa-NM Jen JOT JMJ-Allison Sarah Paula Regan

Oh, and Suzie too!! (even though it's a kitchen blog) Therese and Soul Pockets! If I missed you, consider yourself tagged!

*****update*****Check out Suzie's new blog (not the cooking one)!!! I'm adding Celeste too, we do share a birthday!!


  1. Jamie! you look so beautiful and radiant today! I am partial to your curly hair - love curly hair. I had to laugh, because the diaper bag was my purse for so long.

    Anyways, I did notice your tendancy to wear solid colors. I somedays envy your casual style. Everything I have, well... I guess I'll be blogging about it, won't I!?

  2. You are such a sweet-looking young mama! And you are hip -- way more hip than I!

    I buy the same shirt in diferent colors, too -- plain ol' Lands End tops -- and always on clearance!

  3. I haven't seen you since the Tea Party, and I know you are pregnant and glowing, but still....you have LOST weight. You. Look. FABULOUS. And you will get a chuckle when you see my purse/tote, whatever-you-call-it. Off to find my camera!

  4. I think you look great!

    I'll do this meme late tomorrow - I will likely be watching the two kids again tomorrow - no time to sit here whilst chasing and entertaining!

  5. BTW - did you notice the sweatshirt/pullover I'm wearing in my profile picture here? It's a Hawkeye pullover - I wear pullovers over everything. But, I'll do this tomorrow - thanks for tagging me. You really do look nice.

  6. Jamie, I have a small (but pretty new) secret... Check out http://shepherdfollowers.blogspot.com/

    I like solid color shirts, too. It's easier to mix & match with jeans, pants or skirts. BYW, that color is beautiful on you!

  7. I did it! I posted my good ol'black purse. I also think you look great....radiant! I like your style because YOU are in it.

  8. Beautiful photo!!
    Ok, we have exactly the same style! Everyone knows my style. Long sleeved plain colored t-shirts in a variety of colors. Jeans. Land's end slip-on black shoes. Done. Repeat each day of the week.
    Exciting 'new' fashion for me is finding a shirt in a new color!

    OH, and on the cups...
    At family gatherings we strap elastic bands around the cups or water bottles with names written in Sharpie. Bands can easily be taken off and placed on a new glass with a new beverage or whatever. My mom keeps them in a bin at her house. I use them when I am home at her house just for my water cup. :)
    Very handy.

  9. oh jaimie, you look so beautiful. the pregnant glow is there, but you don't look puffy, like i usually do! and i, too, am a big fan of buying the same shirt in an array of colors. my mom calls it my "uniform". the last set of shirts i bought i got in about 5 diff. colors. but the funny thing is my grandma does the same, only she hangs all her clothes by color and style, but who has time for that, eh?
    as for this meme, i will get to it as soon as i can. i have one more day of my retreat and then i'll be done. i tried to get some pictures yesterday, but i realized i'd been charging my camera batteries the wrong way for 11 hours!
    i think i'll title my post the hag and her bag-as i desperately need a fashionable hair cut. and pictures just remind me of it all the more.
    anyway, happy day.

  10. Thanks for the tag Jamie! How fun! I just did mine. You look GORGEOUS! As ALWAYS. I've always admired your beauty and grace. Not to mention your smile!! You are glowing beautifully in the picture! By the way, when are you due? And, not to be personal, but how do you manage your curly hair? Mine acquired more wave in the last couple years and I like it. Just hard to keep from 'frizzing' out, no matter what I try. Blessings on your day!

  11. Like all the postees have written, you look beautiful in your pic. Inside as well as out! Hope and pray you are feeling OK and hope to call today at some point. I liked the idea from one of your friends about the rubber bands with the names on it. Saves from actually writing on the cups, which I was thinking of doing with a Sharpie on the Tupperware cups I have.
    Love you!

  12. Jamie,
    I think you look beautiful! You wear functional clothes and the colors look fantastic on you.
    Congratulations on ypur newest addition! God's blessings on you.

  13. Jamie, what a lovely Catholic Mama you are! Pink is definitely your color!

    I have wavy, very thick hair (my nickname in college was Chaka Kahn). What is your favorite shampoo and conditioner? Hope you don't mind my asking!

    You, your unborn baby, and family are included in my daily rosary.

    May God Bless you.


  14. Thank you everyone! You are all so very sweet!

    Maria-shampoo? Remember, I shop at Wal-mart, so it's Suave, Vo5 or recently I tried Pantene, (that was a big upgrade, at over $3/bottle) but really liked it.

    Gosh, and curls, I use Suave orange bottle of anti-frizz cream, about a quarter size after my shower and let it dry naturally. It's light enough to straighten my hair the next day and not look greasy.

  15. Whoa, what did I miss...did I know you are preggo? I don't think I did! YAY! I was thinking you looked a little different in this picture but I couldn't put my finger on it...now I know it's because of the "glowing" thing, which you surely are! I have that same purse style. When I actually bother to carry a purse, that is. Whatever is under 10 bucks at wallyworld is usually the best deal for me. Also, I tend to only buy one purse per 8 years. The only reason I like winter is because I can stick my wallet in my coat pocket instead of carrying a purse at all.

  16. Yikes!! I've been avoiding checking in, since I was worried about being tagged for this one =)

    You look beautiful!!


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