Monday, January 5, 2009

Yes, we are back to school today, but somehow I don't think it will be as fun as this picture! Sticking to a schedule, homework, not as much play time...It will be fine. I do think we NEED that schedule and am actually excited to start back again today. I've just enjoyed these past 3 weeks off, it's been so nice! But the kids need some order. I need some order.

Happy New Year to everyone! I don't really make resolutions except the same things that I am already working on anyway. Like getting up early, working out every day, praying more. I do feel the new year is a clean slate, a nice starting over point. We took down our tree yesterday and our decorations and the house seems so much bigger and cleaner!! It makes it kind of exciting to start school today in a clean school room, no crafts on the walls yet and the calendar is not full yet.

We have a ton of snow here in MN, I'll post a mailbox picture later, you can hardly see our mailbox. We got another 2 inches over the weekend and it was way below zero yesterday. Today is supposed to be above zero which means it will actually feel warm to us Minnesotans, and all the kiddos and I will go outside to play today!!

Have a great day back at whatever it is you are doing today!


  1. We're back to school today, too. I really enjoyed the two weeks off and could honestly use another. But, all the activities start, so it wouldn't be the same anyway.

    We just arrived back home last night, so my house still needs to be put back to 'normal'. That's this afternoon's project.

  2. We're back to school today, too. IN about 5 minutes...when I'm done reading blogs because I slept late (gasp!).

    What a difference 50 miles makes -- it's 28 below zero here...N

  3. ....."whatever you are doing?"....

    I am waiting for the parts guy to come and fix our washer! When is he coming...the Sears people like to keep that kind of info a secret. and getting ready because John turns 13 on Wed. and I have company this week and next weekend! Time to party...and play.

  4. Yup, back to school for us, too. We actually started back last Monday, but after New Year's Eve, took a long weekend. Back at it again today. Fun!

  5. Back to school here too. Not bad for oldest, tough on youngest student and one sick son so I am not at full steam ahead yet.

  6. Good luck getting 'back in the groove.' I am also looking forward to more of a routine although we loved our long stretch of fun and relaxation!
    I always think of Minnesotans when I am here. It's chilly here, but doesn't go below 30 too often during the day. Yesterday the kids' teachers made a point to tell us that it is going to be absolutely frigid tomorrow and to please bundle the kids and take precautions. I smiled at the forecast of 27 degrees.
    Minnesotans call that balmy. :)

  7. School started for us yesterday too, which meant hardly any computer time!! I shouldn't even be on now, but had to check in for a couple minutes :)

    Wow, below zero! We've had that a couple times... In the middle of the night, in years past!! I just can't imagine it!

    Happy New Year to you too!


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