Friday, February 6, 2009

"Followers" of a Blog?

Can someone help me out? What does it mean when someone signs up and becomes a "follower" of a blog? I now have 5 followers. Do they get updates? I just don't sign up for the blogs I follow, not sure I should let everyone know how many I actually follow! :) I'm sorry I don't showcase you, I just don't want to brag about my followers, not that I don't appreciate you, it's just a fine line you see.


  1. Ok, Jamie, not that I even completely understand it, but this is what I've got. Hope it helps. I also wondered the same thing. I 'follow' blogs by adding them to "blogs I'm following" on my google/blogger dashboard. By doing that, I get updates on those blogs latest posts on my dashboard and that way I don't have to go to each blog individually. At the bottom of dashboard is "View In Google Reader" which allows you to read the post without it linking back over to the blogsite. Although, now my new favorite way to read the latest posts on blogs I follow, is through iGoogle. On Google's main page there is an iGoogle option where you can create your iGoogle account. Since you are a blogger, you obviously already have the google account so you use that log in info. and password. By clicking on "add stuff" on the right side, I set up my iGoogle page to include what I want: weather, headlines, EWTN, Google Reader. So, when I pull up my iGoogle it lists the latest posts on my followed blogs. Ok, now I've gone on too long and hopefully have not confused you. I list the blogs I read/follow on the side bar on my blog mostly to create traffic at those blogs. That's mostly how I found the ones I follow now, just by linking to them from other people's blogs. Ok, ok...I'll be quiet now. Hope I've been helpful and not more confusing!!

  2. When you read a blog often, you can, as Sarah said, add them to a mini google reader at the bottom of your main page.

    You can follow publicly or anonymously. These blogs then automatically show up in your Google Reader if you use that.

    If you want to post on your blog those who follow YOUR blog, you can "Add a Gadget" in your Blog's Layout/Page Elements tab. It's simple really.

    The purpose: It's a fun way to see who's reading your blog, a quick link from your page to theirs, as well as an easy way for others to subscribe to your blog site.

    I personally use it and like it.

  3. Thanks gals, but what I don't get is why not just use google reader like I already do? Why would I add this extra thing?

    I used to put blogs I follow but then people get mad if they are not on there and it creates some "stickiness" I don't need, so those I follow, know I follow because I usually comment, at least sometimes.

    I know how to do it, I just need to know they whys before doing anything, and actually I'm not going to do it. I really like google reader, which I think is something like iGoogle.

  4. Following is the same as google reader - just with a different name. I think because google reader os for any kind of blog and following is only for blogspot/blogger blogs.

  5. I believe your question has pretty much been answered, but this is one of my favorite features of having a google account. I used to go to each indiv. blog - this way, if the blog has a new post, it shows up. If I want to comment, I can hit the title of the post and it takes you to the post comment section.

    I don't have the followers showing up on my blog - cuz I'm new and because I agree with you! I don't want that part known and I don't want to care about it. Some of the blogs I follow I let it be public - like for you (and I could care less if my little pic shows up on your sidebar - that's not why I follow you publicly) ... others, I follow anon. because I don't go as often or I really don't know the blogger that well (but I really like what they post)!


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