Friday, February 27, 2009

Great Depression Cooking Ep:6 - Depression Breakfast

A friend emailed me this gem of a lady! She has quite a few cooking videos and great stories to go with each one!


  1. That was fun, Jamie. She reminds me of my grandma -- same age. I'm afraid we'll be using Depression cooking with our new tax bill!

  2. I saw her on TV this morning. Wonder if we'll all be cooking like this...

  3. I have a couple Depression Era cookbooks that I picked up at a store going out of business. They are fabulous reads - those women and men knew how to use every last bit of what they were given.

    Clara is witty and the videos are so precious and fun to watch. In one of them where she talks about her brother, she says her brother is calm and easy going. Of herself she says... I flare up right away...I get it over with and then go on. I think it's better that way. Watch out when someone who doesn't get angry, gets angry!

  4. My first thought was "how could cookies be depression food????" then she said it was just on Sundays. I loved the story about her friend who went and hid to eat more food. Thanks Jamie!!

  5. ohhh....i love your header! it is strikingly beautiful.

  6. I haven't watched this yet because Henry is on my lap typing everything...
    Just had to stop in on my Lent break and say hello. :)


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