Monday, February 16, 2009


We all have that stuffy head, body ache, runny nose, feverish, coughing thing that's going around. So I will not be doing much reading or posting until we are feeling better! First time this whole school year we've gotten sick!


  1. Oh Darn...I was looking forward to hear about your Valentine's party!

    Oh Darn...hope you are feeling better soon. I will miss you on this blogging world.

    Oh Darn...forgot to buy some stock on kleenex this week!! Hope you don't go through too many boxes.

    Praying you and the household gets better soon!

  2. Hope you feel better soon!


  3. Get well soon, Jamie and family!

    BTW, I changed the name of my blog ... I think that if you just click on my name, it will direct you to my new one ... Just wanted to let you know.


  4. Hope you all get well soon- we keep you in our prayers. God bless, Amanda

  5. I'm glad you found me ... To answer your question, the crayons don't stick, as long as you spray the pan well with cooking spray =)

  6. YOu are all in my prayers. Whatever this viral vile cold is, it's a linger-er. My right ear is still stuffed up (really thinking strongly about going to a doc to get some big gun decongestants) . . . I still cough. Third week's started yesterday. UGh! I pray it short runs you guys - my eldest only suffered three days. I'm just saying some get over it faster than others. I hope you're one of them!!

  7. Sorry to hear you're under the weather. I've been quite thankful for our health this winter/school year. So far, the bugs haven't been able to find us!

    Prayers for a quite recovery.

  8. sorry you are sick.
    i am right behind ya.
    my nose/head have been alternating between stuffy and runny.
    much vitamin c for me.
    hope you guys get better soon.
    you have to follow the wordpress link to my new spot. click on it and it will take you to the new blog.

  9. Hoping for a speedy recovery. You poor thing...on top of morning sickness too. :-(


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