Friday, March 13, 2009

Prayers for Jamie, please

I am asking for prayers for Jamie. She broke her ankle badly today and had surgery on it. She will be at the hospital overnight and home tomorrow. The baby is OK but Jamie will be unable to put weight on her leg for 3-6 weeks and will not be back to full strength for about 3 months. Please pray for her comfort and healing. Thank you all.



  1. Oh no!!!!! Thank you so much Tom for letting us know. We'll pray for you all. Hang in there with the little ones!! I wish I could be there to help!!!

  2. I am so sorry this happened! We will be praying for Jamie and all of you!

  3. Poor Jamie!!!!
    We just got back from Stations and Sally had emailed me and told me to check your blog. I can't believe you broke your ankle so badly!! Poor thing!!
    I will be offering up whatever I can - I wish beyond all else that I lived close and could help with your kids and meals, etc. That's a long time to heal!!!
    PLEASE let me know what I could do to help. I will have masses said and have the Poor Claires praying for you. I would love to come somehow and help.
    You are in my constant thoughts and prayers!!!
    Love and prayers,

  4. Almost 11pm here and I just am checking on my friends...thanks Tom for letting us know so we can help you guys out.

    I will for sure do what I can.

    I am so glad the baby is ok. So glad.

    Heal fast Jamie. My prayers are with you and your family.

  5. Jamie and Tom I am so sorry to hear about Jamie's ankle. I know how these types of things can be from my experience with my back. I would love to help out in any way you would like help; meals, running errands, having your kids over (my kids would love a play and projects day with yours). I will keep you, Jamie, in my prayers for a complete and quick healing and prayers for your family too.

  6. Oh, poor Jamie!!! I am so sorry to hear that!! She will definitely be in our prayers!

  7. glad baby is ok. hope mama heals soon. will be sending prayers from far-far-away......

  8. Oh my! I'm so sorry to hear this! Praying for her and the whole family!

  9. Oh no!!!!

    I will pray for a quick recovery and so glad that the baby is okay.

    Do you have help with the kids? Meals?

  10. Thank you for letting us know. So glad that everyone is okay and I pray Jamie makes a full recovery and is able to be patient while her ankle mends. Many prayers!

  11. Thanks for letting us all know, Tom. Sorry to hear it Jamie! I'm glad to hear that baby is ok though, hopefully you can get through these next few weeks especially. I'll be sending prayers your way. Let us know if there's anything we can do to help.

  12. Prayers for you, Jamie, and the entire family for your recovery. I wish that I could do more than pray -- if your church has a meal ministry, please let them know so that they can help.

  13. O thank God the baby is OK! Thank you, Tom, for letting us know and giving all of us to storm heaven.

  14. Thanks for letting us all know Tom. You are all in my prayers. PLEASE -- I'm less than 40 minutes away. If you need ANYTHING - watching kids, cooking, cleaning, shopping, you name it - I'll do it.

  15. I popped over from Christine's place. I'm so so sorry to hear about Jamie -- I could not even imagine. Thank God the baby wasn't hurt. I'll be adding your family to my prayers.

    God bless.

  16. So glad to hear baby is okay. We'll be praying that healing is quick, sound and with little pain.

  17. Oh, Jamie, I took a horrible tumble when I was pregnant of the kids. Don't remember which one now but I do remember the sound that my ankle made.

    It went "pop."

    Not a good sound.

    Mine wasn't broken--only sprained--and therefore my heart goes out to you, Sweetie, to have be laid up at a time like this.

    Except, you're a mom. There's never a good time to be laid up, is there? I've been praying for you since I read the news (at the very least, I got to hear from Sarah!) and will offer up my holy hour tomorrow for your intentions.

    Oh, and I got a little treat for you at the store today! Now to be an efficient friend and pop it in the mail...

    Enjoy your bed rest as best you're able. Get some movies, pop some corn. :)

  18. Praying for you Jamie! I will offer up for you and ask for many of our Lord's Graces be showered upon you and your family. look for God in all things and you will find him, he is with you and must have a purpose for this in your life or it wouldn't have happened.

    I am so sorry you are suffering, and for the hardship this puts on your family. May God give you all strength, courage and faith. So happy the baby is ok:)

  19. Oh my! Thank you so much for posting this so we can add Jamie and your family to our prayers. This whole ankle break is not going to be a fun journey so we'll continue to pray for you as long as it takes for you to be back on your feet again. Gosh, I sure hope you have help at home. Take good care of yourself and God Bless. <3


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