Sunday, April 26, 2009

Action Figure Holder

My husband made this for Jedi. Pretty creative I think. I'm impressed. Take a board, staple elastic across it and staple little sections for the figures to go into and there you go!
My husband recently started checking EBay for action figures and he gets them for garage sale prices! He informed me that they have little Star Wars onesies for baby girls for really cheap. Whether she likes it or not, she will be born into a Star Wars family! He sells the action figures to Jedi for $1 each or so many for certain jobs. It's sure keeping them busy, that's for sure!


  1. I noticed that board and thought it really clever, too. Jedi has so many figurines!! I told him he should ask his Dad to look for the Star Wars game Yoda on ebay. One of my brothers had it as a kid - it's simple to play. (that was about the time the boys said they didn't have any board games that they were able to play)

  2. Clever and hilarious as the same time.

  3. That is great! Ebay is so wonderful for stuff like that too...where else could you find those action figures at such great prices?

  4. very cool but I am waiting for the warm fruit vs. cold fruit post!!!! hee hee

  5. What a great idea - i wish i would have thought of something like this when my son collected figures. I used to be foreve treading on them because he had so many they were spilling out of his toyboxes!


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