Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Crazy Eights

My leg in the boot, next to my crutches, showing my belly and the nice balls of fuzz on my nice prego pants, can't wait to not wear knit pants after the boot is gone!!
Jessica tagged me for this meme. At first, I thought, how am I going to think of all these things, then once I started, well, eight was not enough! It was very easy to fill them!
8 Things I'm looking forward to:
  1. Friday, it will be 6 weeks since my accident and I will be able to put full weight on my leg!! I will also be able to take off this big boot to sleep and whenever I am not walking. I will be using the crutches only when my leg hurts. Then, in 3 1/2 weeks, I will be able to take the boot forever and wear supportive shoes (no flip flops or sandals!)!!
  2. Friday, my husband and I are going on a Marriage Encounter weekend up in Duluth, MN. I'm nervous to leave the kiddos, but excited to spend the time with my husband.
  3. Wednesday, Suzie and my good friend Sarah are coming from Fargo to spring clean my house! I can't wait to see them and visit in person!
  4. Cleaning myself after about a month!
  5. Thursday morning going to my 20 week level 2 ultrasound, to see the health of the baby and yes, we also will find out the sex of this sweet little one!
  6. Driving by the end of May!
  7. VBS June 1-4, I get to do preschool again!

8. Summer! Flowers! Warm weather! My 3 girls' birthdays!

8 Things I did yesterday...

  1. Went to my ortho appt for my leg with my good neighbor/friend Jeanne and found out that my break is actually the most common break, both my leg bones broke and my ankle broke away from the bones, here I thought it was a fluke break!
  2. Took a bath.
  3. Read Star Wars Essential Guide to Alien Species with Jedi and Ballerina Rosie.
  4. Elevated my leg, trying to doze off while the kiddos watched a cartoon.
  5. Took care of my sick littles, they've had fevers off and on, mostly during the night.
  6. Visited with my mom while she was here helping.
  7. Visited with a neighbor who stopped by with a meal for us.
  8. Visited with my good friend Susan, (from my book club)who also brought us a meal!

8 Things I wish I could do:

  1. Obviously, walk and all that goes with that, but that is something I will be able to do, soon!
  2. Sew, more than straight lines, like dresses for my girls, and doll clothes!
  3. Be more athletic, besides my "walking" that's pretty much it for me!
  4. Plant a big garden! (we have deer who would eat it all if I did plant one)
  5. Go to daily Mass.
  6. Live in a warmer state.
  7. Go to a warm beach somewhere.
  8. Be just like her!

8 Shows I watch:

  1. Father Corapi on EWTN.
  2. American Idol.
  3. Lost...although, usually on the computer and I'm like 3 weeks behind...
  4. Any cooking show
  5. Channel 2 (PBS) cartoons once in a while, well, much more since this leg accident!
  6. The Office (but we only watch it on Netflix and are caught up, so will have to wait until this season comes out with the DVD once it's over)
  7. Law and Order, Criminal Intent or SVU (only after the kiddos are in bed)
  8. CSI shows (also after the kiddos are in bed)

The only planned show we watch and look forward to is American Idol, the others are just whenever. Real people come first.

8 People I tag:

I hate tagging people as I do not want to leave anyone out...so please if you are not on the list and want to play along, let me know! (I think JMJ and Jot were tagged, so if I'm wrong, please don't be offended)

  1. Christine
  2. Melissa
  3. Tracy
  4. Paula
  5. Regan
  6. Suzie
  7. Sarah and Sarah (same name, they count as one, right?)
  8. Barbara


  1. I am not offended - you saved me the trouble, actually. I have not yet been tagged for this . . . so if one of your tags tages me, I shall join in. If not, no offense taken. :)

    Glad you are on the mend - that picture is worth a thousand words! I love seeing your tummy. A very dear friend of mine announced to me she's pregnant (very early yet) . . . I saw a lot of gals preggers walking in the mall an hour ago . . . it's baby time everywhere!!

    God bless you!

  2. This looks like a fun tag. I can do this!

    Thanks for listening to me this afternoon and giving my comforting words of advice.

    I like your belly picture too!!! Let me know when you can feel any little kicks in there.

  3. Feeling belly kicks right now! :)

  4. ps. I imagedgoogled that dress and also could not find it. Think I will delete it on my blog. Hate looking at it.

    I wonder why every time I go to Jessica's blog my computer internet site shuts down. I cannot go to her blog anymore because of it. Catholic Cuisine does that to me also????

  5. That happened to me for a while last year, I had to stay away for a while, but now I can go and no problems!! I'm not sure why, too much info for our little computers to load?

  6. uh oh! a tag! i hope jmj doesn't get upset with me because i didn't do her last tag.....
    but i guess i still could, it's not too late, is it?
    ok. jaimie. i'll do this for you because you're so cute. and you have a broken leg. and you're feeling little kicks and frankly that makes me happy!!!! =)
    i'll have no one to tag though....

  7. These are fun to read...I have my ultrasound this Thursday morning too...I am 21 weeks pregnant with #5!! We are not finding out..we never do...we have 4 girls...maybe a boy is in our future...

  8. Yours are beautiful Jamie! I loved your picture and the sound of hope in your words as you round the home sctretch.

    Sarah JOT, I could have sworn you had been tagged. I can't wait to hear your cheeky answers.

    Regan, I have not answered so many memes how could I be mad at you for not having the time to. :)

  9. Thanks for tagging me, Jamie. I will participate soon. But I don't know if I will be able to tag 8 people who haven't already played this game. Oh well!

    Also, I am glad you are doing well and that the end is in sight!! YEAH!! =)


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