Thursday, April 30, 2009

Grapes, Laundry and Butter!

Fruit? Do you like cold fruit? Or room temperature fruit? Something I never even thought about until breaking my leg and having so many people in and out of our home all with different opinions on how they do things and how they like things. I, personally like cold fruit. I especially like cold grapes! The only fruit that sits on my counter is bananas, pineapple to ripen, pears to ripen and if something is too big to put in the fridge. Otherwise, cold apples, grapes, oranges, berries...mmmmm, mmmmm, good!
Laundry? Do you fluff up your laundry before folding it? (to prevent wrinkles) Do you fold it? Do you fold it right after fluffing it up? (to prevent wrinkles) Or do you let it sit until you get the chance to fold it? I, personally, (I've been told many times I am too picky) like to fluff it and fold it right after fluffing it, so there are no wrinkles and it is fresh! I love folding clothes, it's kind of therapeutic. I love that my mind can wander, yet, I look as if I'm doing something, which I am. Folding laundry has been one of the things I have held onto and been pretty picky about during my last 7 weeks of having this broken leg. I just have whoever has been helping put the laundry in and take it out and put it in the dryer and then give it to me and let me fold it. I have felt it is something that I CAN do and so, I've wanted to do it.

Butter? Do you use butter only? Or do you use butter and Country Crock or I Can't believe it's Not Butter, or something like that? I, personally use both. I use real butter for baking and definitely for mashed potatoes, but use Country Crock (or the like) for bread and every day little things. Which is best? I don't know.
Now, the dishwasher is another thing. Very interesting how everyone does it a different way. I am very picky about the dishwasher, I know, it's silly, really. I use it for all the massive amounts of cups and silverware, plates and bowls that we go through. I do not use it for larger utensils, like spatulas, ladles, etc...I also don't put pans in the dishwasher, or plastic containers/lids. Like yesterday, I needed to take out a dirty pan to use for hot dogs and wash it, because someone had put the pan in the dishwasher, but the dishwasher was not full yet, so...Dumb, I know, I just like those things to always be available for when I need them. Now, cups, bowls, plates, and silverware, we have tons of and even when they are dirty in the dishwasher, we still have more.
These past 7 weeks have been very interesting how different people really are. How different we clean. Some people clean the bathroom with a bucket and a Clorox wipe or Soft Scrub. Me? I use the sink for our cleaning water, and we use Mr. Clean or Pine Sol or Lysol. No new fangled stuff, just old fashioned wash rag cleaning, the sink, the tub, the floor and the toilet. The mirrors are cleaned with Windex or the generic of that and a dry wash cloth. Toilets scrubbed with a toilet brush.
I also love to clean with bleach. Bleach cleans everything!! I love to bleach the refrigerator handles and the counters and the table, the sink, it all just smells so clean afterward!
It's been an interesting 7 weeks, that's for sure. People are interesting. Although, people are probably going away thinking I'm weird for the things I do. I just figure to each his own on these silly things.
Interesting, though isn't it?


  1. You know what you might like?

    Frozen grapes!

    They are a fun, summer treat. :)

  2. cold fruit. definitely. can't even stand it if it is room temp. the same goes for water. i have to have it cold or with ice.
    laundry. sometimes i fold it and leave it in piles, expecting everyone to put it away, it gets unfolded and i get really frustrated. other times it goes straightaway to closets and drawers-this is my preferred method. but i am guilty of sometimes letting it sit and get all wrinkly.
    butter. no country crock ever. i am afraid of hydrogenated oils. my teenager always wants me to get it, but i say nope!
    and cleaning? well, i think we all have our quirks about that. i try to use as much natural stuff, as the really strong odors give me headaches. but i do love to bleach things. especially the sinks, tub and toilet. i make own lavender, grapefruit cleaner for the counters, windows and mirrors. it smells so yummy!
    you and christine are so funny! i read her ditty about your trip to sam's club the other day and it gave me a good laugh!
    take care and have a blessed weekend jaimie. i am sure before yo know it you will be up and around again! =)

  3. OK, Jamie, we may be twins separated at birth...all of the things you do, I do too! Scary, huh?

  4. People are so different. Is it because of the way we were raised? Our personality?

    I like real butter on everything in everything. I cook with olive oil also.

    I like my fruit warm. I like my water ice cold only in a plastic container. In a cup I have no ice because I HATE it when it falls forward and hits my nose.

    I fold my clothes right when they come out of the dryer. I fold and put away. It is also theraputic for me.

    Dishwashers...not pots and pans. I have to put my silverware face down...I noticed you did that different.

    I clean with windex on almost everything. I use a scrubber in the pot and I must have that nice gel cleaner.

    I like the new colors on your blog and fun fun post.

  5. Couldn't help but comment, because of our conversation! I'm very picky about laundry, as well. I usually take it from the dryer and fold immediately. I do NOT like wrinkles either and tend to fold my clothes such that there are as few 'folds' as possible.

    I like my fruit cold, but grapes don't last long in our house. I'll take them out to wash and they are usually gone that afternoon. I do like to cut them into bunches. Can't stand to see the empty twigs left by picking kids.

    Dishwasher - mine is mainly filled with cups, plates, & bowls, too. If there are utensils at the end of the day, they go on top with the cups. I do put in my spatulas because I have a plethora & don't need to worry about running out. Pans only go in if there is room - I do like the spotless shiny look after they come out of the dishwasher, though.

    I use butter for everything. We don't usually butter our bread, even on sandwiches. I like Miracle Whip for that. So, I don't buy anything but butter.

    As for the cleaning - I use a variety of methods. My hubby supervises the bathroom cleaning and he likes buckets. I stay out of the way because I'm way too happy not to have to do that job! I like bleach for cleaning sinks, too. I don't use Clorox wipes (haven't tried them) and I try to stay away from strong smelling cleaners.

  6. Fruit, same as you.
    Laundry, same as you.
    Butter to cook/bake; Can't Believe just 'cos it spreads so much easier - even easier than the "spreadable butter" (it just gets hard again once you put it back in the refrigerator).
    I use a sponge, windex/ppr towels, clorox wipes (outside the toilet), some bleach cleaner w/ brush inside the toilet, clorox scrub in the tub/shower.
    Dishwasher: no pans, no spatulas etc., and no plastic cups (they turn upside down and fill with water and douse everything when I open it to put them away).
    Was that it?

  7. room temperature fruit - cold fruit is too hard on my sometimes sensitive teeth!

    Unfortunately we keep the clean laundry in the baskets for a few days before we can get around to folding it. No one in my house would be interested in fluffing, so I don't mention it!

    Definitely butter. Butter is much better for you because it is all natural and your body recognizes all of the ingredients in butter. I've heard that that other stuff is one step away from plastic. (sorry :)

    That's all I can remember. Hope you are doing better!
    God Bless!

  8. Ice cold fruit.

    No dishwasher.

    Oh, and I use toilet bowl cleaner on toilets.....:0


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