Sunday, April 5, 2009

Half Way There!

Here's the leg! Yes, I picked bright pink! I couldn't resist, hopefully this will be only one time of ever needing a cast, might as well get a great color, right? Jedi wasn't crazy about pink, but the girls were! He just colored the whole right side full of Star Wars stuff! And, look at those toes!! My big toe is so big, it brings my shoe size up a whole size, at least! Aren't toes supposed to go from biggest to smallest? Hey, they are great flip flop toes! The pain is really not that much, it only hurts once in a while.
My largest cross throughout this whole thing has just been letting go and allowing other people to do my job. Or not do them. It's been having people constantly at our home. I decided to close down last week for a day. It was great! Just to have our home and privacy for a day. We didn't have school and I kept Babycakes busy, if she left and got into anything, the big kiddos got her. Don't get me wrong, I do appreciate everyone who comes to help, but it gets tiring every day and even the kids have broke down and cried and asked if they can leave. The kids have been troopers and helped me a ton.
This is my floor and table after a couple days of no one doing anything. This is something that drives me crazy!! It's been interesting though, I now know what is important to my husband. After his mom left the other day, he completely cleaned up the table and counter. (it was full of clutter) I never realized he liked it clean. Good thing I do too.
Thank you so very much for all your prayers, care packages, cards, meals, and helping me out in any way, it truly has been humbling and amazing at the same time. A woman in my book club organized for someone to bring me a meal every day (except weekends) until May, and she also took care of all my doctor appts, by setting someone to pick me up and drive me for each one! The sacrifices these women make, it just amazes me and means so much to me!
The craft department might not be much this month, as it's been hard to do crafts with the kiddos, I have some things planned, but it takes a lot to get it all together. I did try baking something last weekend, but it ended up taking me literally all day to bake a cake!! SO the themes and craft and baking stuff, is kind of on hold until after I can get around better! (which is killing me!)
I hope to get back here a couple times this week, but it's hard and not very comfortable at the computer with my leg, as I cannot put it up while on the computer. But please remember Good Friday, starts the Divine Mercy Novena, please pray it with me. The graces are so abundant, you will not regret it.
Have a blessed Holy Week everyone!! God bless you!
*Half way there, means, the cast is supposed to be taken off in 3 weeks, I am hoping anyway. I have a leg appt Tuesday and am hoping to be able to start putting partial weight on my leg, (whatever that means) I will be able to drive mid to end of May. Hoping for mid May!


  1. Wow, what a difficult challenge! I just now discovered your blog and am inspired by what a great attitude you have. I look forward to reading more!

    (And thanks for the reminder about the Divine Mercy novena.)

  2. Jamie - you've been in my prayers. Your leg looks great and what a pretty pedicure! I can understand your need for privacy and normalcy. Glad to hear that the pain has subsided a bit, too.

    I'm sorry about the cancelled trip. I was really looking forward to seeing you and helping in some small way that weekend. Nature definitely has a way of putting us in our place.

  3. HOORAY!! I'm so glad to see your post!! I've been praying for you here and just haven't been able to send a quick email. What a blessing your lady friends have been! I'm glad you've had help, but also glad that you could have a day to yourselves as well. Hopefully the remainder of your journey toward complete healing goes well and flies by. I'll be praying! How's baby? I've been thinking about him/her lately too. Blessings!

  4. It's good to see you posting now and again - it means (to me) that you are learning to adjust etc.. I love your pedicure. Lovely toesies (regardless of swelling). I'm grateful that you have folks helping out so much, but I also understand your need for privacy. If I were in similar circumstances, I would be losing my mind at times as well. I did not realize how independent I am until I read this post and really thought about what a stinker of a thing has happened to you.

    God bless you!

    I am participating in our parish Divine Mercy novena (every day 3pm novena in our Blessed Sacrament). You will be foremost in my thoughts.


  5. Hi Jaime,

    Thank you for the update. I've been thinking of you, praying for you (I just finished another 54 day rosary novena right before my surgery and prayed for you, your precious unborn baby, your ankle injury, and your family)and your family, and wondering how you are. I'm thrilled to hear that you are well on your way to recovery.

    I had my laporoscopy on April 1st and I'm home now recovering from surgery. The surgeon removed all the endometriosis and adhesians, reported I had no cysts, and guess what? My tubes are clear - they are NOT blocked like we thought! I didn't get to talk with him - the surgeon spoke with my husband because I was still in recovery at that time. He told my husband that everything is clear and we can start trying again in a few weeks!! Hooray!! I'm so excited!! I'm trying to eat properly according to the endometriosis diet (no meat, no dairy, no eggs, ect.)and my husband bought me all my favorite vitamins from GNC!

    God is so good! You are well on the way to recovery, your baby is doing well (Thank you God!), my surgery went well, I'm now on the way to recovery too. I feel some pain, but I'm offering it up.

    Thanks for the reminder about the Divine Mercy Novena. I pray this every year starting on Good Friday. Also soon I will be starting up a new St. Gianna novena too. If you would like more info on St. Gianna and her novena, please visit my blog.

    Jaime, you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers! Continue to take it easy and get well!

    May God Bless you and your family.


  6. I like your pink cast =) (When my 3rd daughter broke her arm at 19 months, she had a pink cast, and my other girls were so jealous! lol) You're ready for summer with such a pretty pedicure, too!

    You will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers, Jamie. And I will join you in praying the Divine Mercy novena starting Friday. Thanks for the reminder. Grace and peace to you this Holy Week. {Hugs!}

  7. I have been continuing my prayers for you daily. Thank you for the update and, of course, you will remain in my prayers. God bless you!

  8. Was so good to see you today. I could have stayed and talked all day. Your kids were so easy to take care of.

    Mid MAY...that is not too far away. Hang in there!!!!!!

    Good to hear a babies heartbeat today. So so beautiful. No sound like it in the world.

  9. Thanks for the reminder about Divine Mercy Chaplet! You looked great on Thursday and you will continue to be in our prayers. God bless, Amanda:)

  10. Love the color! I'll have to consider this as the candy cane has been hard for the kids to color on.

    You have a great attitude! I completely understand everything you went through. It's an undertaking just to get to the doctor. Both in getting yourself there via transportation and just showing up.

    When I read this I think of how much longer I have to go (first day into the second week). I can't even look at the calender to see where this whole adventure possibly ends.

    Thank you for your great example of thankfulness!


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