Thursday, April 9, 2009

Our Email Was Hacked!!!

Ok, yes, I do like to use those exclamation points, don't I? Well, the hacker figured that out and used my usual sign off and copied me to trick everyone. My uncle called my mom from California to see if I was ok. I got calls from quite a few of you, which, I suppose was a good thing...My computer was taken away yesterday and brought back last night, we need to get a new email account. Hotmail is not good. These hackers somehow get in, and Hotmail is so big that the MSN people don't catch the glitch fast enough and the hackers somehow steal an email that was sent at some time (by me) and then copy my style (little did they know that I broke my leg and everyone knows I would not be traveling...and just for the record, I will never ask for money over an email like that) I guess they do this to thousands of accounts in the hopes of at least one person responding and sending money. Mostly older people respond, like if their grandchild or close relative is in trouble, they send the money. It's really sad.

Hotmail shut us down. Once they see all the activity they know something is not right, they then shut it down, which is good, just a little late.

SO everyone who has ever emailed me, or that I have ever emailed, was sent this same email. (if you didn't read the comments in the previous post, read them, one of the commenters wrote what the email said) Anyway, I'm sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you. I cannot email anyone until we get our new account. We are in the process of contacting Hotmail to see if they will let us get our contacts...otherwise we have to start all over with email addresses!

All our personal accounts are fine, they were not tampered with. (paying online, etc) I guess if the hackers were to get into those accounts, they are easily traced and so they don't go there.

Again, I'm so sorry for the confusion yesterday!!!

OH, for the record, I post my ideas so you can "borrow" them!!! So borrow away, the kids love feet washing, you have to try it!! I think blogging is a sharing of ideas!


  1. When I emailed you that you were hacked, I guess you didn't get my email?

    I worried that by emailing to you they would now hack me! So far, no money is pouring in to us.

    Sorry that this happened to you!

    Have a blessed Easter, friend.

  2. I like blogging also for the ideas. So many creative ladies out there!

    I am sure JOT is jealous of your trip over seas and spending "pounds"! Will look forward to talking with you to see if you picked up an accent!

    Glad to hear your email will get fixed. Fun talking to everyone though???!!

    Have a wonderful Easter!

  3. It was great to talk to you yesterday and I'm glad that you're not in London. Minnesota is better. :)

    Have a blessed Triduum!

  4. Yeah, I got the e-mail, too ... I knew it wasn't really from you, though. So sorry this happened. UGH!

    I hope you have a blessed Triduum and Easter! Your ideas from your previous post sound wonderful! God bless you!

  5. Kissteen, be NICE! I know, when I read that I was NOT jealous, because A) how was she going to stroll around - enjoying it at all - in a wheelchair???? B) I'd be happy for her and ask her to bring me back some CAdburys buttons. :_) Ya know I love you, K!

    Jamie - what crazy junk happens to you, yeah?

    Blessed Triduum and Happy Easter, friend. I have my yahoo email on my blog so you can catch up with me when you fix it all.


  6. Yes, I got the email on both accounts. I knew it wasn't from you, too. The grammar and punctuation were terrible - not to mention that I was VERY sure you weren't traveling!

    That kind of 'stuff' happens so quickly. I'll put a plug in for gmail... I opened an account late last year and really like the added features. I'm not even using it to it's full potential, but whenever I go back to our old account (which I still use for a few organizations) I'm reminded that I really like gmail.

    Have a blessed Easter, Jamie!

  7. my first thought was "how the heck is she managing a trip with that broken leg?"
    but i knew it wasn't you. that happens to me sometimes. only it is a fake email from "me" selling blackberrys and computers and stuff. then my real friends send me emails saying things like-we didn't know you were such a techie-etc. it is so annoying!


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