Thursday, April 23, 2009

We're Having...

A healthy baby girl!!! She was kicking and flipping and opening and closing her mouth like crazy! It was so cute! That mouth thing, I'm sure, she was practicing her high-pitch scream that all my girls seem to be born with, or the non-stop chatter that they love to do, or the beautiful life of songs that they all seem to do. She was beautiful! I am still in shock, I was sure we were having a boy! My husband says he was not shocked at all. I think he would be if it were a boy. We are so very thankful for all your prayers, they are such a blessing and it shows in how beautiful and healthy she is!


  1. YIPPEE!!! Wait till I tell Anne. We are off to buy some pink! She can learn to play lightsabers with Jedi??!!???!!

    Sweet little baby girl grow healthy and strong and we are all going to love you so much.

    ps.....jamie I know you were kidding about the dress for Anne....I think I am still mad about what was said to me about the "only the rich buy ....." know what I am talking about and I just wanted to post about how frugal I am. I didn't even buy those things. I need to let it go but....that is my cross that it is sometimes so hard.

    I might blog about that anyways. I mean there is someone out there right now smarter then me, richer then me, prettier etc..... and if I met that person I would hope I could be gracious enough to "be happy" for them. But...I am not perfect and have done a lot of stupid things in my I better quit rambling here and just send one more congrats to you and your family.

  2. Hurrah for sweet, wiggling healthy baby girls! congratulations!

  3. Great news, Jamie! More hair to do!

  4. What a delight!

    What a joy!

    What a blessing!

    God is sooooo good, congratulations.

  5. How wonderful Jamie!!! My ultrasound is Monday. We plan to find out, but they told us my Michael was a girl and he was a boy, so if they say girl, I don't know what to believe....Apparently in the 12 years my OB has been with the group there have been only 2 mistakes in gender and one was mine! LOL! Congratulations on the most important thing of all-she is healthy!!!

  6. Congratulations! I will pray that the rest of your pregnancy goes well.
    God Bless!

  7. Another beautiful little Jamie-Baby! Congratulations, Sweetie! I'll know soon enough (though not soon enough, if you know what I mean) whether we're having a little pink friend for your daughter-on-the-way.

    PS. Are you enjoying your time with your house guests on this absolutely gorgeous day? I'm tempted to drive up there...

  8. Congrats, a little girl! I'm so excited for you! I was gone in the Cities all day today, but one of the first things I HAD to do is check if you posted boy or girl. So glad you did!!

  9. Congrats, Jamie! Exciting news indeed! Of course, if the baby was a boy, we'd all be so happy about that, too. =) And how awesome that she was kicking and moving about so beautifully. YEAH!! Blessings and prayers for a continued healthy pregnancy. {{hugs}}

  10. Oh CONGRATULATIONS Jamie!!! How very exciting! You and your precious little one remain in our prayers!

  11. I'm sure she'll be beautiful!! I'm very happy for y'all!!

  12. Congrats!!! I am so happy for you. You are in our prayers.

  13. Hooray! What a lucky group of girls to share in such a big bond of sisterhood. With a big brother to look out for them!

    So happy for you.

    Now tell me how you make those girls. We aren't so good at that around here. ;)

  14. God knows the joys that will come from another girl! [I'll be saying some extra prayers for you when they all enter their teen years!] I am just Soooooo happy for you that you are pregnant, AND at the same time as me. We'll have to bump bellies soon.

    I'm just a tid bit jealous that you know before me. It's eating away at me as I wonder and continue to call my baby a "he" with some hesitation.

    So, how's that going to work for the bedrooms? I can't even imagine. More surprised Jedi wasn't the one wanting to be down in the basement bedroom.


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