Friday, May 15, 2009


This is my husband's change jar. This jar has never been this full. I know why and he better cash it in soon, because I will be driving soon and slowly it will disappear. With me home and not able to go anywhere without anyone taking me, I have not stolen his change or needed it, so over 8 weeks, it had a chance to fill up!


  1. That's pretty impressive.
    I got my husband an longaberger basket for Father's Day that is supposed to be his change catch all. It's catching dust . . . so I collect his change constantly. Perhaps I ought to just sink it in a jar as well . . . try to leave it alone. :) I couldn't! :)

  2. i loovvee husband change. it always seems to be big stuff like quarters and such...the perfect lunch for the nearest coinstar! :) glad you're back on your feet again! be careful with that baby tummy, which might make you a bit off balance. (please note-there is NO jealousy in my voice)

  3. I'm the same way ... I love husband change, too. It's perfect for a latte or some other treat. My husband is all astonishment that I can spend it so quickly. LOL


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