Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Clay Rosaries by Sarah

My good friend Bonnie's daughter, Sarah, makes these beautiful handmade rosaries! About 13 years ago, I was blessed enough to get one of these treasures. Each bead is made with love and has such symbolic meaning, it helps you meditate while praying the rosary.

She also makes handmade bracelets and chaplets. Please check her site out, you will not be disappointed! Clay Rosaries by Sarah (I hope she's ok with me taking her pictures and posting them here, they show the detail and I really want to promote them!)
Another favorite rosary site is Prayerful Beads, by our very own blogger Barbara! I was blessed this past year to win one of these beautiful rosaries, and the beauty and quality are superb!
May is the month of Mary, the mother of all mothers. We, as Catholics do not worship Mary, but give her honor and respect and love. As Jesus. What would Jesus do? I am sure He would honor His mother, he would love His mother, He would respect His mother. He would not downplay what she did in her saying "yes" to God's request of her. He would give her to us as our Heavenly Mother, just as He gave us His life.
Totus Tuus Family Homeschool Blog has started something big, Something About Mary for each day in May. Now, I'm not that good about posting every day, or even about keeping blogging promises! But, I will try to do some this month, some of my favorite things. My favorite prayer is the Rosary, so today's is about that!


  1. Those are beautiful! Going to check it out...

  2. Those are pretty. Seems sorta big?Ornot? But pretty!!!!

  3. You know, after the Rachel's Vineyard retreat, I feel very called to deepen my relationship with Mary, particulary through the Rosary. I admit to having somewhat of an aversion to it...I do best praying it with a group or with a CD of some sort. I'll have to check out the website you listed for something everyday with Mary. Thanks for the great post!

  4. I have a rosary very similar to this one that my mom bought for me over 10 years ago. Maybe Sarah is the one who made it! When the book study group was here they were all commenting on it, so be sure to let them all know where they can get one.


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