Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Crash and Disappointment!

What is up with Mel Gibson? Wow! I was saddened when he fell off the wagon, was that a couple years ago now, and was seeking treatment, but now this? It's official, his new girlfriend is pregnant with his child. What happened? (he's not even legally divorced yet) How can someone fall so far? What is so hard for me is he knows. He knows the Truth. He knows. Do you think he would sit down and talk with me? I'd really like to talk with him. Just, you know, to pick his mind, to see what is really going on with him.

Pray. Pray. Pray.


  1. I was wondering that myself. It is difficult to be let down when we all thought we had a Catholic friend in Hollywood. Maybe his faith was not set on a firm foundation. He must have faced great odds that led to his fall from grace and probably needs many prayers for his return.

  2. Hollywood is Hell. I do not know how any celebrity survives it unscathed and without sin pasted for the world to see. Many of us out here are just pained to see them fall. Yes, pray we must!

  3. He has fallen and for someone who KNOWS Catholic teaching and was so firm about rigidity to it that he became sedevacantist, he must be TORMENTED that he can not recieve Holy COmmunion in his state of adulterous sin.

    I heard someone say that the devil would be forever AT Mel for making the Passion movie...and his life HAS been besieged by his demons since then...yes, he needs our prayers...especially our St. Michael prayers.

  4. JMJ-very interesting, I believe it!

  5. Hi Jamie,
    I believe I have come over a few times before but get bogged down and haven't been by for a visit. I love your pictures and all the fun you are having with VBS. I'm sure I found you on a fellow blogger's page. Therese perhaps? Anyway, on Mel. Well I have been in denial hoping it was all just a rumor and he and his wife and kids were laughing it up in Australia. Guess not. It saddens me. He is in my prayers. If you get that meeting with him give him a good slap and then a great big hug from me, 'kay? Amy


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