Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I Can Easily Be Spoiled!

I had my groceries delivered today. I have never done this. I still am wearing my big old boot and cannot drive. I didn't want my husband to have to take me and drop me off to grocery shop or anyone else for that matter, so I tried it! I went on line yesterday and it took a long time. Like about an hour! At the time, I thought, no way, this takes too long. I don't get to see all the fun stuff, I don't get out of the house!

But today, When the groceries were delivered (for the small fee of $7.95), wow! It was so easy. I felt so spoiled! My 4 year old "Mary" jumped up and down and couldn't believe "they" would give us all this food, "why would they do this?" she kept saying!! I tried to explain that I ordered it and we paid for them, but you know how little kids just think everything that comes in the mail is from the mailman? Well, she thinks all this food is from the nice elderly gentleman that delivered it!

I just don't think I can justify spending the 8 bucks to do this every time, but it sure came in handy this time! I actually think I spent less, no extra things, no last minute cookbooks or magazines at the checkout, no Diet Coke or juices or Chocolate milks for the kids. Really nothing fun....Shhhh!! Don't tell my husband! :)


  1. Ya know... if my HEB offered that, I'd be ALL OVER IT! I am sure I'd save money, too. Absolutely sure of it.

    Lucky you!

  2. I did it a few times a few years back...I may need to think about it when the baby comes...

  3. I can still help out if you need me!!!!!

    I do not buy anything on line. (I know you did because of the BOOT!)

    but I need to touch and smell and look and touch and smell and look...at my stuff!

  4. I used the delivery/online ordering before we moved. It saved me so much time when I didn't have much to spare. Otherwise, I really do like grocery shopping. I used to be my time away in the morning - it's not quite the same anymore.

  5. I want to know where you ordered everything! If delivery is only $8, that saves me the gas to drive the the store! Are the prices comparable to the store?

  6. That sounds great and was perfect for you! I'd get spoiled too..oh wait, I already am. Hubby picks up groceries each week if I don't have a planned trip into town (17 miles away). I guess I better not tell him what the going rate is for grocery delivery, huh? I just might have to start paying him :D

    ps...love the new vibrant colors in your background. Full of spring/summer! Cute!

  7. I'm SO glad you tried it out! It really does come in handy for me - especially when it's -35 and you don't have to park and drag all 4 kids along!
    I DO find I save quite a bit on groceries this way. No extra "impulse" buying! It does take a long time to order at first, but then you can always order off of your old lists, etc.
    Glad you tried it! And the glory of NOT having to bag it all up and bring it all in is priceless! I just got my kids to finally put all of the groceries away after yesterday's shopping trip ( I ran to the store for only a half week's worth of stuff)

  8. I love Coborn's Delivers. I NEEDED it when I was preggers the last time. I do it whenever I need salt for my water softener (then I don't have to haul those heavy bags!). The kids love it too because they get to help me "shop" online and VOILA, there it is at our door! It's also good for keeping a list or for doing new recipes because you can just clickety click back and forth from the recipe to the shopping list.


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