Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Locks of Love Girls!

Ballerina Rosie (6) and Mary (4) right before leaving to get their haircuts!
They have been waiting for mama to be able to drive, so I could take them to get summer haircuts!
Personally, I think long hair is easier in the summer, because of being able to put it up, but...

They look pretty darn cute!
**I do have permission from daddy to post pictures!

Locks of Love
We went to Great Clips and they took care of the hair for us and the haircuts were free!
This is the 2nd time for Ballerina Rosie, she did it a year and a half ago, with me. The stylist let her cut my pony tail! Her hair grows really fast and is very thick!


  1. Way to go girls!!! They both look so dern cute! I might do that someday also. Thanks for showing the pics...I will show my daughter!

  2. What a lovely thing to do! They look so precious!!!

  3. The new haircuts do look cute! So glad you're able to post pics, too.

  4. Gotta love these before-and-afters, especially when they are for such a good cause. Good job, girls!

  5. just darling!
    their faces and the cause for which they've cut their locks.

  6. How cute! So good to see your sweet girls..whay cutie pies! The haircuts are darling :)

  7. I like their after pictures so much better than mine!


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