Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Potty Training!

Please say a prayer for Babycakes! She's going to be potty trained!! Finally, she will be 3 on June 1st! Her potty training got delayed, oh, 8 weeks due to her mama breaking her leg!
She is so ready though, always wanting to go potty, she has never even accidentally gone though, so once I put on these cute panties, and she feels what it feels like to be wet, I really don't think it will take long. I usually do wait until summer to train, because it's so much warmer and easier with less clothes. Let's see, I have 10 pairs of undies...I wonder how many I will have left by 3pm this afternoon? Maybe you could say a prayer for the mama? :)


  1. Jamie-I'll pray for your babycakes; please pray for my Michael who is 3 1/2 and refusing to train...I really need him trained by the time that baby comes in September...

  2. Graham needs to be trained, yet. He'll be three the day after Babycakes. I haven't been consistent enough, as of yet; and I need to get a few more training pants before we really get down to it. Praying that all goes well for you!

  3. Hey, if you don't stress about it and praise her as she achieves - she's gonna love being "such a big girl". Set a goal for her. Say, every time she makes it she gets a bean in a jar - when she gets 10 beans she gets to cash them in for a Dairy Queen treat or something. Or, she gets to trade them in on her own box of crayons. The next ten she can get an art pad. Stickers.

    You are right - it doesn't take long once they feel wet and make that association.

    Many prayers!

  4. Go Babycakes you can do it. Do it for your mama!!!

    Good luck mama! She is a little sweet smarty pants. She is ready. Chocolate always gets a girl to do what you want. Run right now and buy a very big bag of M&Ms

  5. I agree with Christine...chocolate! :) When I trained Aslynn long ago I had my favorite treat as 'her' reward. When she went potty on the toilet we both got treats!

    Those underwear are so cute. I've been on such a roll with the boy ones lately.
    Actually, when I train my kids we stay 'hunkered down' for a few days and the trainers spend the days naked. It's worked like a charm on my first three kids. I have no potty training anxiety stories. Well, funny ones...
    Also, my kids were always on the old side as well, so they got it pretty well.

    Love the cupcake rosary too. WOW!!


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