Saturday, May 23, 2009

Something About Mary!

I'm posting this image of Our Lady, for my good friend and fellow blogger, Margaret, who is due right now and hoping to have her sweet little baby tomorrow, May 24th the feast of Our Lady Help of Christians. I say a prayer for you along with this post!
I also share with you this great book! My good friend Sarah, sent this book to me when I broke my leg, in hopes that I'd be sitting on the couch resting and reading! Well, that didn't happen. ( I've told you, I'm not the sit down kind of person) I finally did start reading it the other night in the chapel and what a treasure!! I love it. I love praying the rosary and this book kind of unites me with 101 people from all over who also have a love of the rosary. God's graces and blessings are amazing and so abundant.
My husband just shared with me that his partner, before they conceived their baby (she's due right after me) that he prayed the rosary the whole month before. Blessings and graces. Abundant!
There is so much information, from the history of the rosary, rosary resources and so much more. What a treasure. Thank you so much Sarah!


  1. Thank you, sweet Jamie. This post made me smile.

    It was a tired smile, but it was a smile. I am SO ready. :)

  2. Glad you liked the book as much as I did. I know of your love of the Holy Rosary! May Our Lady of the Rosary be with you now and always and wrap you all in the Mantle of her protection!


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