Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Spoiled By More Delivery Services!

I'm going to call it Kissteen's Delivery Service! Or, just that I have a great friend! She also delivered some Diet Cherry Coke for me!!

Babycakes did have another success today!! 2 times more than any other day...I'll take it and not talk about the unsuccesses! (messes) She does love to go to the potty after she has already gone in her panties, hasn't figured that one out yet....Thank you Christine, you are super!

**Now, how does this work...M&M for Babycakes and M&M for Mama, right?


  1. No problem....KISSTEEN to the rescue. When I heard you were possibly without diet coke I had to come to your rescue.

    That sweet baby will be potty-trained now that she has chocolate!

  2. I'm so thinking the same as Kissteen.

  3. Of course! All that hard work on your end ensuring that Babycakes goes potty. Plus, you're pregnant...so that's just a given. :-)


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