Monday, June 1, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday Babycakes!

Babycakes age 1
Babycakes age 2
Babycakes today, age 3!! Happy birthday to my sweet Babycakes!! I love you so much, you bring so much joy to my life, your sweet smile, chubby cheeks, big blue eyes, sweet nature, loving kisses and hugs and of course the way you always play with my hair! May God pour His graces upon you today!
After VBS, while waiting in the van (while mama was talking to Melissa) nice lipstick Babycakes!
VBS this morning! Busy, busy day that's for sure! My kids (I think lots of homeschool kids) never have to be awakened and boy did I have some crabby kiddos (girls) once we got home today! Early to bed tonight that's for sure! Preschool was mostly 3 year olds and really the main objective I think is to keep them busy so their mamas can help in other areas. Not so easy when the mamas are easy to find and 3 year olds love their mamas!! I had great helpers and tomorrow is a new day!
Our Pentecost muffins! Thanks Catholic Cuisine for the idea!

Jedi came down with Poison ivy or Poison oak, not sure which, but it is all over his face and arms! Poor kid!

We saw this movie this weekend! My hubby and I loved it! It was so true of Minnesotans! It was supposed to take place in New Ulm, MN, (more southern MN) which is very heavy on the Lutheran Norwegians, of course almost everyone in the movie talked with this heavy accent. But, if you go a little further into the country (like 10 miles from any major city in MN) people do talk like that! It gets a little "thick" out there in dem dare places!
What I liked best was first of all, it was PG, nothing bad in this at all. Second, it was so true of the coldness in MN. It is soooooo cold here and why do we live here? There's a scene where she wakes up and has a mountain of blankets on....just like me in the winter!! It shows her going home to Miami for a scene and you can really see how so many people in places like that are so superficial and how real and nice people are in MN. (at least I noticed the same thing when living in CA) Not that all CA people are like that, just in general, MN people are MN nice.
In order for them to film the whole movie in the snow, they had to film in Winnipeg, Canada, where it was 50 some below zero!! It is not that cold in MN, but it was very interesting to watch that movie extra on the DVD showing what they had to do to do the filming. My hubby and I were pleasantly surprised as we expected it to be soooo dumb, but it was pretty good!
Sorry for the long post, it's a busy week not sure when I'll be back!


  1. Happy birthday, Baby Cakes!! What a darling little girl!

    I can't wait to see that film, thanks for reviewing it.

  2. Send a happy birthday to Babycakes from me! She is a super cutie.

  3. Happy birthday, Sweet Babycakes! You're a big girl now!

  4. Happy Birthday Sweetie I am going to sending you a big blogging ((((HUG)))) and ****Kiss**** from Kissteen.

    Sorry to hear your big bro has the itchies!

    Love your take on that movie! Funny we were watching the same thing. I told my mother about how I hated it and said it made the people look so goofy....then she gets on me about how there really ARE people like that!


    Sorry to hear about your grass! WE NEED RAIN!!! dem dar dem dar Ya you betcha

  5. Happy 3rd birthday, Babycakes! I hope you had a blessed day!

    Sounds like VBS is going well ... Ours is in a couple weeks, and it is all on St. Patrick and the Trinity. Sounds good to me!

    I really liked New in Town, too. I have put it in our queue, because I think my hubby will like it, too, and I won't mind seeing it again. Did you know that the actress who plays the main character's friend and secretary (Blanche) is Catholic? There was an article about her in Faith & Family magazine =)

  6. Long posts are fine, Jamie--it's always nice (refreshing, even!) to hear your take on things.

    And a blessed, beautiful third year to Baby Cakes!

  7. Happy Birthday to Baby Cakes!!! I just love seeing their adorable faces!!!! =) She is such a cutie!

  8. OOhhh!! And your muffins turned out GREAT!!!

    I can totally relate with poor Jedi right now.... I've had poison oak for the past couple weeks, and it is MISERABLE! Hope he is over it soon!

  9. Happy Birthday to Babycakes! She has such long hair when she was one! What a darling.

    I enjoy your long posts!

  10. Happy Birthday to Baby Cakes - I can't believe she is already 3!!! I remember getting together at Alex when she was only a few months old and had SUCH a lot of beautiful hair!
    We prayed for her on her big day - now to get to see her in person and give her a hug and the rest of her gift.
    Poor Jedi!!! He will be in our prayers to have a very fast recovery. I have had it ALL over many times (thanks to my childhood dog that loved to frolick in the woods!)


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