Monday, June 29, 2009


We are somehow being invaded by black moths!! My husband killed at least 30 (yes 30) Saturday night, and each day since, at least 10. I, before that had killed at least 5 each day, Friday, I killed 9!!! They are black and nasty! They are in our living room. We have no idea how they are getting in. We closed the registers. They are still coming. They cling to the curtain in the living room and we also find them elsewhere in the house. They are driving me crazy!! They leave this powdery, black, dusty stuff behind and they are big and ugly! I can't find the exact moth, but they look most like these black cutworm moths.


  1. I hope its not a plague!!! My state is right next to yours, they could be coming my way!

    Seriously, you have my prayers and best wishes. Why did God ever create bugs of any kind? I do love the mysteries of the Catholic faith, but bugs just takes it too far for my taste!

  2. Yuck. We had a termite infestation (downstairs 1/2 bath; hole above the sink . . . ) in our first place in MD. They were

    Saw a huge cockroach on the pavement today. GROSS. Not expecting that in the heat of the day.


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