Friday, July 17, 2009

Ballerina Rosie is 7!

Sweet Ballerina Rosie. My big mommy helper. You are growing into such a nice young lady! This year, she wanted an Art party! Last year was the big "flower party" with 6 friends, so this year, I told her she could invite one special friend to celebrate with.
This is my little sister Brenna, her godmother. Little Babycakes wanted in the picture too!
My mom has taken up painting as a hobby and gave the girls an art lesson in painting flowers. These are 2 of my mom's paintings given to Ballerina Rosie.
Here's my mom, our featured art teacher!
This is Mikayla, Melissa's daughter. Melissa made these cute little dresses and it was part of Ballerina Rosie's gift! They were very excited to do their hair the same and dress the same way!
True friends!
The finished products, after the lesson!
Mikayla's is the blue one, Mary's is the middle one, (age 4, she didn't want to paint flowers) and the purple one is Ballerina Rosie's. Babycakes also painted one, but only did the background before losing interest, so we will finish hers another day!
The art cake!
My mom during the art lesson!
It was a fun and exciting day!


  1. I love the art cake!!! Glad to see no missing ear.....hee hee!

    What a nice gramma to help with the party and enjoy the arts as well.

    Glad to see and hear it was a good time!

  2. Happy Birthday to your lovely little girl! She sounds like such a sweet girl helping you with the other children.

    An art party is a very cool and unique idea! I love your Mom's paintings - she seems very talented. Also I thought the girl's paintings came out very nice too. It looks like Ballerina Rosie has a special talent in painting too. Love her flower painting! Very pretty!

    Happy Birthday, Ballerina Rosie! Enjoy your special day!

    Maria <----who has lots of July birthdays in her family too (My Mom, brother, and me are all twelve days apart - their birthdays are in July and mine is early August. My brother and I are eleven months apart - Irish twins!

  3. What a fun party and theme!!! The cake is hilarious and looks delish! I could use a piece of chocolate cake. YUM. Would taste great with my cuppa joe.

  4. What a great theme! I like that it's small - one guest - and that you used local (ie. very special grandma!) talent. The painting turned out beautiful and will look great where they are displayed.

  5. That looks like SO MUCH fun! Happy Birthday Ballerina Rose! What precious memories of her birthday!

  6. Fun party! I like the theme, and the cake is so cute =)

  7. Happy Birthday to sweet girl. I remember holding her at 3 mos and marveling at her gorgeous thick hair!! I have never seen a baby before or since with that much amazing hair. She has grown into such a beautiful young lady, Jamie! The kids and I can't wait to see her (and you all! ) soon!

  8. Happy Birthday to your sweet daughter!! What a FUN party!!


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