Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Straight To The Garbage!

Since my parents have become SSPX followers, I've periodically been sent these types of articles from my dad. Nice, huh? Now, for me, just reading the title, I can tell it's not a good book. This from my dad, who used to watch EWTN all the time. I have never watched EWTN and seen anything bad at all. Nothing contrary to the faith at all.

SO, straight to the trash it goes. I've told him not to waste his money, as it goes to the trash, but he doesn't mind, I guess. (yes, that's my belly in the way of the photo) I don't call it "closed minded" I call it standing up for my faith. My Roman Catholic faith, in union with the Holy Father.


  1. I've seen this book, too, and have wondered what problems could possibly be picked out and made big enough to say that EWTN has failed?? Probably teeny little things that affect EVERY Catholic organization and church ... the sinful nature in all of us, perhaps??

  2. Amazing you tell your dad where that stuff goes and he still sends it???!!! Send him some stuff!!!

    There is so so so much anti-Catholic stuff out there. But it would hurt my heart if my parents were sending it.

  3. With all due respect, Jamie (and you KNOW I'm on your side!) I wouldn't take what we hear on EWTN as equal to the voice of the Holy Father.

    I do not watch EWTN enough to have any bones to pick whatsoever, but I think we should know our faith well enough to take even Catholic media with a grain of salt, even the L'Osservatore Romano.

    I don't blame you for throwing the book away but I wouldn't take everything on EWTN as straight from the Holy Father's mouth either.

    Just my 2 cents!

  4. Good for you! Standing up for the faith is sooo important! I admire your courage!

  5. Thank you Tracy, I know your opinion on things of this matter and respect you so very much. I do not put EWTN equal with the Holy Father, but do follow him, where my parents do not. That is what I meant.

    I also have not seen any thing contrary to the faith on EWTN personally. I do not watch it even every day and there are certain programs that I really like (Fr Corapi, the Journey Home) but each time I've even seen this book, it has given me a icky feeling, my conscience telling me not to read it. I have a strong conscience like that. (I've seen it laying around at my parents home, probably strategically placed there for me to see)

    Since your comments were closed....I hope you check back, I love your wagon wheels, if I spot any, I will take a picture...my X used to be on the lookout for wagon wheels, as we had a log home...now wouldn't it be great to see a wagon wheel leaned up against a mailbox with tons of flowers all around it?

  6. I am checking back. This topic is really on my heart right now.

    I do understand what you mean and your intentions in remaining in union with the Holy Father. But I think that one can still follow the Holy Father and still use discernment when it comes to Catholic media.

    If I have one remaining sympathy with the traditionalists, it is that Catholics come across sometimes as thinking that any group "in union with the Holy Father" is 100% right and can be implicitly trusted.

    Catholics who become serious about their faith are often so hungry for an orthodox message (that they may or may not be hearing in their own parish) that they might misplace their implicit trust in organizations that promote an "orthodox" version of Catholicism.

    While I understand the comfort Catholics take in trusting the Church, I think that a little shrewdness is wise concerning anything that is not dogma or ex-cathedra. Matthew 10:16 advises us to be shrewd as serpents and innocent as doves. I personally think a little shrewdness is wise even with Catholic media.

    For instance, take a look at the Little Catholic Hedge blog today on the subject of Harry Potter. She cites a Vatican newspaper as praising values in a new Harry Potter film. Does that mean Harry Potter is OK for Catholics? I read that the Vatican exorcist considers Harry Potter a door to the occult. Who do we believe? Personally, I would heed the caution of the exorcist. Sometimes it is right to think for ourselves and not blindly trust everything that a Vatican newspaper or EWTN or Relevant Radio (etc.) says.

    It is admirable to think the best of people and organizations and Catholic media, but it seems to me that Catholics are too willing to wear blinders and ignore any hint of scandal or misinformation when it comes to organizations that have won their trust and loyalty. (like the three monkeys - hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil)

    Also, the celebrity status the office of the Holy Father has concerns traditionalists too - I have heard it jestingly proposed that if the Holy Father suggested that St. Peter's Square into a mini-golf course that millions of Catholics would go along with the idea because of their belief that the Holy Father can do and say nothing wrong. Hopefully Catholics would have the sense to protest, even with a non-dogmatic issue!

    On the other hand, I do not see that books such as Ferrara's do much good in sounding alarms, even if the concerns are legitimate (I have no idea if they are or not) because most Catholics disregard the warnings and consider it almost a sin to even question what they hear on Catholic radio or TV. Most probably throw the information in the trash like you did.

    It seems much more effective for the scandals to come out on their own like what happened with the Legionaries.

    This is by far the longest comment I have ever left on a blog! I will close and just add that a mailbox with a wagon wheel would be a happy combination! I will be on the lookout now, though I am sorry it brings up what may be unpleasant memories for you!

  7. Thank you Tracy!

    My faith is simple. Not very complex. I look for truth. That's it. I do think we always need to be on guard for mis-truths. I hope my faith is simple like a child. Not so complex like the scribes and pharisees.

    One of my favorite prayers is from Bishop Sheen:

    Lord, illumine my intellect to see the truth and give me the strength to follow it.

    I pray this often and know it works, as Bishop Sheen said, "It is a prayer that has never failed."

  8. I will continue my prayers for your folks until I hear of them coming "home" again. Please invoke my dear mom and Mr. Hansen to help from Heaven as well - they were SUCH advocates for the one true Faith!


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