Monday, July 6, 2009

Transformers Movie

My husband and I went on a date Friday and this is the movie we (he) picked. I was fine with it, I wanted to see it too. I was disappointed, I have to say. Oh, the special effects were great, to say the least, and the story was fine, really it was. I was just so disappointed on how sexy this movie was. Does that make sense? The girl in the movie, played by Megan Fox, this beautiful woman pictured below....
See? Beautiful, huh? Every scene though that she was in, she was wearing very revealing and sexy clothes. I felt she was too beautiful for this movie. Do college kids really dress like these young women in this movie? I really hope not. The first scene showing her, they show her straddled on a motorcycle, painting it, wearing very short cut off shorts and barely anything else, sexy scene, but very unnecessary, especially for PG-13, in my opinion. She's playing an 18 year old. Even googling her name, I had a very hard time finding a half-way decent picture of her, and this is it! She would still be beautiful with more clothes on. More beautiful I'd say. Sometimes, I get stuck on something like that and it stays with me through the whole movie, as it did this time. SO I would not recommend it. I'd wish my son could watch it when he's 13, but I'd classify it as an R and he won't be seeing it. (as I've found with most PG-13's I guess) I felt the movie exploited her for her beauty and not her acting abilities, which is sad, really.


  1. I took the kids to a movie today. They really wanted to see this one. I read the review at and was floored by all the sexuality. And language! Clearly this movie is targeted at teens -- why does Hollywood have to corrupt them with garbage? I'll never understand. Giving up trying.

    We saw Imagine That. It was good.

  2. When we watched that one with Robert Downey Jr. in it (Iron Man?) . . . the gratuitous scene where he's slept with this one gal . . . I don't know why it was in there . . . very unnecessary. We will not go to see it based on your review and Barbara's comments.

    I've about had it with Hollywood. And, the prices for tickets. So, I stumble into a film that stinks on these levels and get ripped off at the box office, too, so I feel six times as horrible about my choice as before.

  3. I love your new pictures on your nameplate!

  4. My hubby went by himself to watch it (I didn't want to see it) and left early. He was so disappointed with just what you mentioned - enough to walk out!!

  5. I found the movie to be largely pretty good. The Optimus scenes were cool. It was worth seeing just for those alone. Couple of things irritated me though - little miniature remote controlled truck, length of the movie, the twins and that chick who turned out to be a robot, that was so random and had no explanation whatsoever. But as I told over all I love the movie transformers and the game transformers, so collected some good articles and sites, around 200, for transformers movie and video games. If you are interested check out the link below


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