Thursday, August 20, 2009

Look Back and Laugh

Christine says to laugh. Well, that's all you can do sometimes. Today at the clinic, in the bathroom (we are in there quite often), Babycakes and I went into the bigger stall, we both had to go, except this mama could not wait so I got on the pot first. Well, Babycakes pulled her pants down and was quite upset that mama had beat her to the pot, so before I could grab her, she crawled under the stall door, naked, then went into another stall, with Ballerina Rosie quickly trying to get her. Good news, she went, I went, all is good. Gotta laugh!

*this morning's appt was a NST (non stress test) but this afternoon, is another ultrasound where they will measure my fluid...hoping it is higher than the other day. I'll try to keep you updated, but after my appt, I have a Fall Homeschool Rally, and then my holy hour, so it might not be until tomorrow or very late tonight!


  1. hehehe! funny!

    I pray you get great numbers on your fluids today.

  2. Too funny! Praying for good numbers!

  3. Poor baby girl had to go!!!! She is also one smart little girl. Thanks for the smile.


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