Monday, August 17, 2009


Toothbrushes!! What do you do with your toothbrushes? People out there who have more than 2 kiddos? The toothbrush holders only hold 4 brushes, silly really. Friday I bought new toothbrushes for upstairs and downstairs for everyone. Somehow we had a ton of extra brushes and I think Babycakes was using whatever color she felt like for that day. The toothbrushes don't even fit in the holes of the holder!! I took off the lid and they are all just basically sitting in a cup. I don't like that either though, because they will rub together more....yuck! Where do you put your toothbrushes? I never see anyone's sitting out like ours are. Sitting out is not good either, as a certain almost 5 year old likes to put soap on them. Yes soap. Nice, huh? She hasn't done that though since Mama put soap on hers. Just things you gotta laugh at.
Side note:
My fluid levels this morning were only 2.75. They want it above 7. Drastic drop from last weeks 9.9!! They consider 2 dangerous. She is going to check me again on Thursday and either deliver baby or put me on bedrest depending on the outcome. We have a birthday party planned 2 weeks early for Mary Hannah on Friday. It would be nice to not be on bedrest for that....:)


  1. Each of my four kids has a small plastic bin from WalMart - maybe 2" by the length of a toothbrush. Maybe an inch to inch and a half deep. They are white plastic. Each child, even my husband and I have a bin with our own toothbrush and toothpaste. The kids are in their bathroom drawer or medicine cabinet. I have really loved it. They know which is theirs and it keeps things separate. The bins are so super easy to throw in the dishwasher and they make it nice for traveling. I stack them up and put them in a big ziploc. Then their toothbrushes have a home wherever we are - not laying all over a counter or dripping in a cosmetic bag. I like it. I can send you an email photo if you want. at verizon dot net

    Blessings and prayers,

  2. Oh, sorry, but that you put soap on hers is hilarious!! I laughed so hard at that. I love it! Something I would do.
    I've never found a holder that held more than four and it is crazy, isn't it? I would, in your case, buy a few. Make them different if you can. I like the ones from my grandparents age: they were a metal thing that held six brushes (three on either side) with big hole in the center for a cup. I would screw a few of those into my wall if I had to. Of course, then they drip on the counter, but you can't win, can you, when it comes to this! Either wipe up constantly or clean the guk outta the cup every week. Yuck.

    Now, rest. Don't stress.

  3. I hate to say it, but we use the cup...not a great solution, but I haven't figured out another yet...

    As far as the fluid levels-that is a huge drop...wonder why? but you know I am praying for you!!!

  4. Each of our kids has small plastic bins (from Walmart) for a toothbrush and toothpaste, too.

    Eric keeps his in a toothbrush cup and I use a sonicare - so no sharing there either.

    When it's cold/flu season, we even throw the kids' toothbrushes in the dishwasher - picked up that tip from someone else.

  5. We also use the bins. Each kid has their own toothpaste and cup and brush in their own bin. Easy=peasy!

    Love the soap on the toothbrush...I laughed too!

    Prayers coming your way. Thinking of you a tons.

  6. Prayers for you! Hang in there, God is with you and all will be well!

    Don't worry about the toothbrushes, a little dirt won't kill them, I bet they are hearty souls and will survive anything, even toothbrushes that touch!

  7. I'm curious how they check fluid levels??? Is it accurate? That's kinda scary, I hope you can go soon to get that baby out. Not because I want to see pictures, or anything...huh uh.

    I've tried to mark them with a sharpie but it wears off. I've resigned to putting them in a drawer separator plastic thingie right on the sink next to the plastic tub holding the various pastes. I know it's totally gross, but I'm pretty sure everyone uses everyone else's. Except Matty. He won't share with ANYONE (ocd much?) but I've used his (after washing it with listerine). Don't tell him.
    I've taken to storing them in the utensil drawer on the main level, too. I just pop them in the dishwasher after use (we do about 3 loads a day, so I know they'll get clean before the next brushing), so I know they'll get used more often and get a whole, lot cleaner than up in the bathroom.

  8. I picked up some cheap plastic (not disposable) plastic cups, wrote each kid's name on it. Their toothbrush, flosser, and if they have a special toothpaste goes in. Unfortunately they sit out on the sink -- as far from the toilet as possible. That's the best we can do. The downstairs bath is a problem still. I just keep them in their travel cases and dishwash them frequently.


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