Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Apple Art

The second picture with the blue background, (I forgot to take a close up picture) is ripped art. The kids rip the tree trunk, the green "circle" and red "apple" pieces and glue it together.
This is painted with a bath scrubbie and a round sponge painter and either painted trunk or construction paper trunk or painted.

This is a painted arm and hand (Babycakes did 3 or 4 of them-she loves to paint her whole arm) and with a sponge painter do the leaves and either the child's finger for the apples or a bingo dabber. The child can also draw a tree with a crayon and bingo dab the apples just for a simpler project.
Real apple painting. We start with halves and cut it into quarters. They really turn out nice. Last year, we painted with apples, using white paint on red paper, those were really nice too!


  1. Oh that looks like such a fun project!

  2. Very fun art projects, Jamie. Thanks for sharing the ideas.


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