Monday, September 7, 2009

The Best Thing in the World!

Is holding a newborn baby!
Oh, how I wish I could keep her like this forever!

Soft and kissable!
Always hungry!
Always hearing those words "Can I hold her now?" I have to admit, at Mass yesterday, I was a little jealous, I wanted to hold my new baby, but between each child holding her, I really only got a tiny bit of holding time! I can share my favorite thing in the world, because they gave me that same favorite thing at one time too!


  1. Well she will never feel a lack of love, that is certain! Once again, you have a gorgeous family!

  2. And just think by sharing all of that holding time how well they are being prepared for their own families! What beautiful pictures, Jamie!

  3. She is so tiny! Your other kiddos are monsters compared to that sweetie pie itty bitty baby.

    Lots of love! Every baby and family should have all that love!

  4. It is so sweet that all of your children are so fond of their new baby sister! That is a blessing indeed!!

  5. These photos remind me of a flower. Your baby is the center with all these loving petals surrounding her!

    A beautiful thing to look upon, God bless!

  6. Ugh...I am sitting in the drs. office like forever. Waiting and waiting. Praying and praying. Looking forward to seeing you later.

    This is cool I can go on the computer here.


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