Tuesday, September 22, 2009

BMX Racing!

Jedi's new sport!
We are now a BMX Racing family! Jedi signed up Saturday, had practice and raced his first 2 races on Sunday. They let the new kids use paper plates for their numbers and borrowed them helmets.

Oh, how I wish we could all bike on these cool paths!! Don't they look fun?
Go Jedi! Go!
Now, every Saturday his practices are the same time as Ballerina Rosie's Soccer games and his races are every Sunday. The good thing is we can go as often as we want, or as little as we want, they are really flexible that way, so they sign up for each race when they get there.


  1. Gotta do those boy things! I'm sure he's enjoying it, too. In our family, it's more of an effort to make sure we fit in girly things for the only girl.

  2. Looks like lots of fun. That's great that you can attend when it works for you and isn't so committed. I'm sure that makes it so much easier for the parents! Hope Jedi is having a blast!

  3. We tried that once! Fun to cruise those bikes over the jumps!

    Hope he has a good time!

  4. Whoop Whoop! I just found your blog, from googling BMX stuff! My son is in this sport and started last August too! My husband and I both raced him on the track this past spring, and he beat us both- it is SOOOO hard, so I have sympathy for the boys....it isnt as easy as it looks! Good luck this season with your son! I love the much and little practice time too!


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