Tuesday, September 22, 2009

First Day Back to School!

(What is up with Blogger? All my pictures are appearing blurry, but they are not blurry in my files) Anyway,
Our first day back to school did not go so well. Sweetie Pie decided not to take any naps without being in Mama's arms...if she was put down for a little while, Babycakes quickly went over to "I'm just kissin' her!" Already, Sweetie pretty much does what she is doing in the picture when Babycakes comes near!! Poor Babycakes, (not really) she does not mind at all and still wants/begs to hold her, even if she is screaming. Babycakes was on "time out" (locked in the high chair where there is no escaping) at least 4 times during school and I tried "nice mommy" and "screaming mama" (the latter, was no effort at all on my part)
Our fridge conked out, so everything was taken out to the garage fridge, where 7 milks were...we had to throw away all leftovers and anything that was opened, as we just don't have the room in the extra fridge, but counting blessings, we are thankful we have the extra fridge!
Quick question: Will these condiments still be good if not refrigerated even after they were opened? We left apples and onions in and Diet Coke and Slim Fast...yes, I'm resorting to Slim Fast, as it seems like I have not time to eat these days...I had the thought yesterday to find my Weight Watchers Points sheet, but then the thought went away with all the other lost thoughts I have every day and do not find the time to do!

Today is a new day and our fridge only needs a fan, that needs to be ordered from the Cities, so we will only be out our fridge for about a week, hopefully. Babycakes was better today, and Sweetie Pie is napping in my front pack right now as I type with arms outstretched!
But, the really good news is "Screaming Mama" is not around today...she knows sometimes there are days like these... and hey, the fridge needed cleaning anyway...


  1. I'm sure I'll be using my sling quite a bit when the new baby arrives. My 3yo is doing well right now during school hours; he's really good at entertaining himself ... we'll see when baby arrives. My 6yo is more the type to be touchy/huggy/feely all the time.

    The condiments ... I trust the mustard, ketchup & chocolate syrup. Anything oil/vinegar based might also be okay (not mayo or miracle whip, but I'm quite sure you already know that!) - I store some oils in the cupboard & some in the frig. Oil will eventually go rancid, but you can tell by smell or flavor without ill effects on your health. It's hard to tell what else you have!

    Thank goodness for 2nd frigs. My life is much easier with two - we'd have to shop much more often for necessities/perishables if I didn't have a 2nd.

  2. Good job getting back to school so soon after baby! We all have to start somewhere, even if Screaming Mommy had to come out for a while. It's tough enough to get back to a school routine without a new family member! We're doing the school with baby this year too.

    As for the condiments ... I'd say most of them will be fine. If in doubt, give it a smell or a taste before putting it back in the fridge. Most of that stuff isn't refrigerated until after it's open, and just says to refrigerate to keep it fresh.

    Don't tell anyone this (so why am I going to type it for the world to read?), but I bought a jar of pesto at Sam's Club a couple of weeks ago (in the refrigerated section) and it accidentally got put in the cupboard at home. I didn't discover it until three days later, but I smelled it, read the ingredients list, and we ate it anyway. I couldn't bear to throw away such an expensive item. I put it in the fridge, and we've eaten it on pasta the last three weeks. No one's gotten sick yet!

  3. Fun comments!! I think these gals know what they are talking about so I will not add my 2 cents on the condim.

    But man o man what a bummer...does that mean you get a NEW fridge???? Or does this one get fixed???

    Hang in there with little sweetie pie. Did you try the sling thing a ma jig yet?

    Love all the fun that is going on there though. Biking, apple art, crazy fridge stuff and busy mama doing busy mama stuff.

  4. I hope your days only get better from this point on. Hang in there, Jamie! I'm sure you're doing great!!

  5. congrats on your sweet baby! just checked in over here after not being by for a while.

    She's precious!!! rest up and enjoy her!

  6. Screaming mama was at my house yesterday too! Our air went out -- hot and muggy out even though it was the first day of fall. I did not do well. Stuck at home with bad colds and a (sometimes) bad puppy, I did not cope well at all.

    Give yourself a break Jamie -- you have a lot of plates to keep spinning -- some days it's better to just give yourself a break.(Sing the McDonald's jingle!)


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