Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I'm 40 Today!

Christine came over today, stood in the doorway and said "I'm here to see the old lady!" I said "what are you talking about, she's standing in the doorway!" (she's a year and a half older!)
It was great to see her and she got to hold her goddaughter! She came with a meal, dessert and gifts and 40 cans of Diet Coke! She's the greatest! And she got to hear her baby's heartbeat today!!!
I have a ton of ideas for posting, but no time it seems to post, busy holding my sweet, sweet baby!! So sorry if it's been quiet here on the blog front!


  1. So...did you upgrade your walking cane today ol'lady! hee hee

    have ta give ya a hard time. fun to tease. Looks like you are good at teasing back!!! to hold the teeny tiny sweetie-pie. She is so sweet! I almost snuck her in my purse and brought her home.

    Happy Birthday to you friend and may God Bless You always.....

    ........ya ol'fart!

  2. I'm jealous!! I'd love to see both you gals and the little peanut, too!!! I could play with the kids and make lunch for everyone whilst you two old gels catch up. Ha!

    Happy Happy Happiest Birthday!!

  3. Happy Birthday, to you! Happy Birthday, to you! Happy Birthday, Dear Jamie ... Happy Birthday, to you!!!

  4. Happy Birthday Jamie!! Best wishes for MANY more!! Hope you've had a wonderful day.
    Yes, you are missed on the blog-front, but if you are busy holding that little sweetie of yours we'll understand :)
    {{hugs}} Happy 40th!

  5. Hi Jaime,

    Happy 40th Birthday! Hope you are having a wonderful and blessed day today! Thinking of you and praying for you. In honor of your birthday I will pray a rosary for you today.

    May God Bless you and your beautiful family! You are so blessed to be a Mommy!


  6. Happy Birthday, Jamie! May God bless you today, throughout this new year of life ... and during this entire new decade!! Enjoy!

  7. A happy birthday to us both! Blessings and many prayers!


  8. Happy Birthday!!!! I hope it is a wonderful day for you!!!

  9. Are you KIDDING? I thought you were, like, 32 or something!

    I'm serious. I had no idea you were that old. Still, I will always be older and that should be some consolation.

    (Christine is the best, by the way! Wish I could have joined her.)

  10. Hi Jamie!
    Happy 40 and one day! :)

    40 is an awesome, important biblical number. (My dd told me that when I turned 40 about this time last year!)

    The first forty is to learn.....
    The next forty, you must return.

    Have a great year!

  11. Happy birthday sweetie!

    I'm older than you both I hope that gives me the priviledge of wishing you your best year yet!


  12. Oh my, Happy Birthday! Holding a newborn must be the best way to spend your 40th. Not many women get to do that!

  13. Happy Birthday! Maybe I can stop in next week? I'll email you!

  14. Happy (belated) birthday Jamie!!! I hope it was wonderful! God bless!!

  15. Happy Birthday Friend!
    Remember there is still that raincheck for me to watch your kids as your birthday gift - anytime - so you and Tom can go out. My kids miss your kids! Hopefully I'll get to give you a belated birthday hug soon.


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