Thursday, September 10, 2009

Prayers For Therese!

This beautiful hat was knit by Therese. She is delivering her sweet baby girl today, please pray for a safe, happy delivery for her!
Coming soon, I plan to post all the wonderful home-made treasures Sweetie Pie has received, like this beautiful pink hat! (See even Sweetie Pie likes the hat, she's smiling!)
****update, Therese delivered her sweet baby girl and both are healthy and happy!!!


  1. Gosh, she's cute!!
    I did, in fact, forget I had sent you something for Sweetie Pie a long time ago . . . but that's okay. Even had I remembered, I would have sent something off again 'just 'cos'. Enjoy!
    It's Melissa that I need to get something off to. I haven't forgotten, just haven't come across the right thing, you know?

  2. So sweet. I have been thinking of Therese alot today. Praying all is going well for her. So cool you both having baby girls so close together.
    And no way you're 40.
    Keep lovin' that baby we can wait for post.

  3. Look at that styling little girl. She's so pretty - in - PINK!

  4. I am so gladd you like the hat!!! Thank you for posting this! The prayers definitely helped!


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