Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cell Phones Only

This is how I feel when trying to use a cell phone, they're so darn little.
Well, for years now, my husband has been trying to talk me into only having cell phones. He finally got his way. He finally got fed up enough with our current (or now past) phone company, who kept raising the bills. I've had a cell phone for about 2 years now and I literally know just as much about using it now, as I did the day before I got it! I'm terrible with new tech stuff. I like things the way they are right now. I literally only know how to answer it (by opening it up) and make calls. I've only used it for calling home to say "Honey, I'm on my way home." Oh, I did use it when I broke my leg! I guess I'll have to learn how to get messages off that dang little thing now. It feels weird not having a base home phone. But my husband is right, why pay 2 bills? What do you do? Do you have only cells? Do you have both a land line and a cell? Do you only have a land line?


  1. I can make and take calls . . . and I can take pictures. That's it.

  2. I have a cell phone, which I really like. I can get and send emails on mine; I do like to text, too. However, we also have a land line. Our computer internet access is through the same company. We've never talked about going only cell phone. My hubby has both land and cell for work, too. There are some perks to a land line. If I were to go cell only, I'd have to get voice mail set up.

  3. We do both. I never us my cell either. It is an old junker compared to what is out there right now. I usually only talk to my dh with the cell. Otherwise I use the land line most of the time.

    You sound like me. Trying to figure out all this new stuff!

    You are way better though. I still cannot get a video on my blog@!

    my word verifi. was SPOOBI...funny word!

  4. We have only a cell phone. It's been that way now for us for the last 8 years.

  5. I'm tempted to get rid of the cell phones over the land lines! I've been reading too much about the dangers of using cell phones, especially for children and teens. I try to use mine as little as possible. To that end, I'm even considering giving up my portable home phones because they are just as bad as a cell phone! Something to think about and research.
    God Bless.

  6. I used to work for a phone company, though not yours. Not having a land line when you have children at home is a mistake. If there is ANY problem at your home, a land line can be used to call 911 and your address will show up for the 911 people -- especially if the caller is UNABLE to give the address. A cell phone can not do that. The two of you should rethink your decision - you can purchase a BASIC land line from your company for $10 per month, unless the law has changed.

  7. In my area a basic phone line cost $65 a month PLUS 10 cents a minute for every call!

    We simply can not afford a basic phone line. Not when our cell phone bill is only $40 per month.

  8. We have both. My dh has a cell and it has been a God send with him working away from home during the week (I only have used it a few times when I went somewhere alone and he babysat and I can't figure it out at all). I buy online calling cards that make it cheap for him to call me in the evenings after work. We have a land line and wouldn't consider getting rid of it. Both of our families live so far away (his family is in Germany and mine 3000miles from here)that we have a flatrate plan for long distance. Our internet, basic tv and highspeed internet and land line are bundled together. If we get rid of one element the others would cost more than if we keep them all.

  9. I hate my cell phone. I could never get rid of my landline. My sister and mom have, and I have to say it's annoying when they forget to charge their cells and you can't reach them----and my mom is always misplacing her cell or leaving it on her desk at work, and then you can't reach her... Once she left it at my house, but I couldn't call her to tell her, and I didn't want to drive out to bring it to her in case she was already heading back to get it.

    Plus the connections are not always clear or tight. Until cell phone connections are better, I only have one for emergencies in the car.

    That's my rant. :-)

    Lucille, a new reader

  10. I have to admit, I agree with all the rants, on why to not use only cell phones.

    I thought that cancer thing was not true though about cells. I hope it's not true....

    Paula, you brought up what I always argue, but now the cell companies offer an extra line for only $10/month so that could be left plugged in and used as the home phone, right?

    Kiddos just have to know their addresses,(I guess) oldest does, next one knows it kind of....

  11. Hi. we got rid of our land line. both dh and I have a cell phone, and we were paying for the land line which we were never using. so after months of discussing and trying to decide, we discontinued the land line, and I've never once wished he hadn't. It was a waste of money for us. and we have a 2 year old at home, so had considered all the safety reasons for keeping a phone.

  12. We have both. And as of last Mother's Day, I have a data plan on mine. Too much technology, but that's what I get being married to an IT Supervisor.

  13. Ha, ha! I only give me cell number out to a VERY select group of people and tell them not to leave a message. If someone leaves a message, I have to wait until my daughter can retrieve it for me.
    But I figure it's not entirely my fault. I'm always either at home, at work or in transit. If I'm at one of the first two, they should call me there. If I'm actually in transit, it's not a good time to sit and play with the cell phone to figure it out.
    I do kind of agree about having a land line with kids in the house, although it does seem like an added expense.


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