Thursday, October 8, 2009

Edible Rosaries

Even my dear hubby agreed that we will have to start praying a family rosary on Sundays, using Kristina's idea of the M&M rosary! The kids loved it and the rosary went really well! By the time it is divided all up after each prayer is prayed, each child actually does not get that much candy.
This was our afternoon hot cocoa marshmallow rosary!


  1. Yummy. I was going to do M&M's yesterday, but we ended up doing the marshmallow rosary. I am a sucker for M&M's and this is a great excuse to have them on hand. ;-) You always have great ideas and my 4yo ds saw the lovely tree paintings and you can guess what we have to do. It is always monkey see - monkey do when I visit your blog. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Great idea!
    We have yet to really get into the swing of praying the rosary as a family. I really need to be the one spearheading this prayer.
    Pray for us!

  3. Love it and I'm gonna have to try it. I ooh-ed and aah-ed when I saw it over at Kristina's too!!

  4. i can't let my kids see this or they are going to revolt...wondering why i've been denying them this yummy way of praying the rosary!

  5. Remember when I did my post with the edible rosary round up? Well, I had saved this picture because I loved this one so much, and then I COULDN'T FIND WHERE IT CAME FROM! Lol! I searched and searched and couldn't figure out where I had saved this picture, so itdidn't get to be included and I was so sad. Should have known you were my go-to edible rosary lady ;-)


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