Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fall Days

These pumpkins were $2.50 each at a local grocery store, so hubby got the biggest ones...I'll be carving until next Halloween, not sure even if our knife will go through these!! The kids love them though and they are great for sitting on!
Today and yesterday have been cold and rainy, this is our view out back. We are sick of being inside!!

But the 2 days before, it was beautiful outside. We walked up our hill in our backyard, casting long shadows at the top...
Seeing spectacular views...

ran (I walked slowly) down the hill through the woods...

To a giant open field, where the kids ran and ran and ran!

And had many, many rolling races down another hill.

Woo-Hoo!! Doesn't that bring back memories of childhood? We are enjoying our last days of fall, as soon, winter will be here and the ground will be covered with deep snow, too deep for walks up hills and through woods to big open fields! (Sweetie Pie was in the front pouch, sleeping)

We have a busy, busy weekend ahead, as I'm sure you all do too! Halloween party Friday, birthday party Saturday (after soccer and Kung Fu), All Saints Party Sunday, then All Souls day Monday! We are so blessed to live next to a graveyard, all those souls to pray for and visit!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!


  1. Very lovely fall pics, Jamie! It's nearing the end here, isn't it? It is the best season, IMHO, but it's also the shortest, because winter comes too, too soon. Sigh. Have a fun weekend!!

    P.S. I liked those fall crafts, too. You are so great to do so many fun crafts with your kids!

  2. Sarah-what is IMHO?

    I'm slow....

  3. I'm ho?
    In my home?
    In my home office?
    In my humble opinion? I think I got it....? That's it isn't it? That one makes sense...

  4. Jamie-IMHO is in my honest opinion.

    I love fall, but this one has been particularly rainy and chilly-not good for soccer season, but we are done this weekend!

    It's oging to be a long winter,isn't it? sigh...

  5. what lovely fall days.
    such pretty colors.
    and my hats off to you ladies who live in perpetually cold places.
    i don't know what i'd do if we were stuck inside all the time!!
    that must be why you are so great at crafts!!!
    have a blessed weekend, jaimie!
    enjoy your little pouch dweller. she is so darling!

  6. How do I say, "Have fun at the graveyard?" Anyway, may God bless your weekend with many happy memories!

  7. Looks like you captured our dreary fall weather quite well. Great photos and a lot of fun too! Your kids look like they are having a blast. I love when you show pictures of your front door/ always looks so warm and inviting. I'm not sure what it is about it, maybe the colors? Have a great weekend!

  8. Jamie, you're so cute!! I always thought IMHO meant "in my humble opinion," but I guess "in my honest opinion" would work, too. I don't know what some of these things in cyber-lingo mean either. I've had to ask, too. Like the first time I saw *ROFL* in my comments, I had no clue. It took me awhile to figure that out. Also *Woot! Woot!* I had to have my husband's friend explain that one to me. [I guess it expresses happiness or excitement (like *hooray!*) usually over the Internet. I assumed it was a positive comment, but I wasn't 100% sure.] I probably don't know these acronyms as well as some, because I don't text and I'm not on Facebook or anything like that ... LOL ;-D And as far as cell phones, I have a pay-as-you-go plan!! For a long time, I never used up my minutes, either. But I'm using it a bit more now. It's a horrible deal, but I really don't use my cell that much. It's nice to have when I'm out and about (just in case!), but that's it. And mine happens to be very user-UNfriendly, so I don't know how to do that much with it either ...

  9. I'm assuming Rofl means a big laugh? I have no idea and never heard of "Woot Woot!" I guess we better learn this stuff so we know what our someday teens will be saying? haha! Or LOL! I've never said that one I don't think, Lots of Love, Laugh out loud? laughs of love?

  10. I thought my hubby bought bid ones, but I think yours found bigger. It took forever to carve them. Have a fun, safe, and holy weekend.

  11. Wish I could rolly-polly down the hill with the kiddos. But now I get so dizzy!

    Great pumpkins. HUGE!

    Look forward to seeing what the kiddos went for Halloween. All Saints also.

    Just to answer your question. No..our school and parish do not do anything like an All Saints party. Wish they did!

  12. I love the pictures. I have so many wonderful memories on that hill and in that graveyard going for family walks with the dog and sledding down that great hill in the winter. I'm so glad that you moved there and can take advantage of it!
    Your pumpkins are great! This is the first year we didn't get even one. Our field trip was cancelled to the pumpkin patch due to all of them freezing! And this was the beginning of Oct.! WIth all the constant rain and frigid temps, we just never got out to pick up one at the farmer's market.
    Hope your All Saints Party was good. We cancelled ours here due to all the crud going around. I let the kids trick or treat for once (usually our All Saints is on All Hallow's Eve.)
    Luke should have gone as a chipmunk - he had 4 more teeth extracted early this morning and he looks like one, poor thing!! We took off today from school and we girls had our All Souls Memorial with Mass and Adoration.
    All you Holy Men and Women and Souls in Purgatory, Pray for us!!
    PS My word verification is cistr - lot like Sister? :)


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