Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary (Wednesday)

Since we have so many leftovers from the Baptism, cake, cookies, etc...we are not making a cupcake rosary, but will do what we did last year, a hot cocoa rosary with marshmallows and kisses or whatever candy I can find! It's cold and rainy here in MN so cocoa will be perfect! These are coloring sheets from Mathilda!
**Check out Kristina's great rosary praying idea....I'm off to buy some M&M's tonight!!**


  1. Can you believe this weather?! Oh, when will it end??? What a sweet idea for this special feast day! I love the simplicity, but what child doesn't *love* hot cocoa? Sometimes simplicity is best. This will be a perfect way to spend the afternoon, after school. Thanks for the idea! Oh, and I think my two oldest have those snowman mugs =) But they're packed away with the Christmas stuff now ...

  2. That is a great idea Jamie. I can do that one also.

    The thing is it seems there is so much coloring going on. We do not color pictures. We did do a watercolor wash over "I Trust in You" picture for St. Faustina.

    I would love ideas on how to celebrate with "older" kids and especially boys.

    Happy hot cocoa sipping with a possibility of snow this Friday.

    Keep warm!

  3. Christine, notice there are only 3 pictures...Jedi did not want to make one, he never wants to color, which is fine, (this picture is from last year) he is excited to make the marshmallo rosary, I'm sure if you set out the bag and the candy and pretzels, your oldies would make a rosary! He's there while we talk about it during the hot cocoa and wants to pray also. I never "make" anyone do any art project, it's there if they want.

    Love the water color wash idea, we've done water color instead of coloring the sheets too, for a change of pace. Mary Hannah, took all the sheets last week (remember so many feasts last week) and stapled them all together and made herself a coloring book just to do "whenever"! It's hoarded in her room along with all the other things she "collects"! :)

  4. Guess what we're making today? :)


    Today I am thankful for friends who blog about their cute crafts and for hubbies who run to WalMart at 10:00 at night to buy mini-marshmallows and Hershey kisses.

    Happy Feast, my friend!

  5. (Sorry I had to repost because the link was wrong)

    That is such a great idea! It is snowing here in the great white north, so this idea will come in handy. My dd (7) is so addicted to chocolate and will love me forever. This afternoon I hope to make tissue paper rosaries found here:


  6. We did an "M&M" rosary. I think I'll have to remember the marshmellow idea for future use. I love this idea.

    Happy Feast Day!

  7. So fun Jamie!! We too opted to follow your lead and use marshmallows today since we will be having cupcakes at Little Flowers tomorrow.

    Happy feast day!


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