Friday, October 2, 2009

Guardian Angels

Today is the feast of Guardian Angels!
Angel of God
My Guardian Dear,
To Whom God's love commits me here,
Forever this day,
be at my side,
to light and guard,
to rule and guide.

To make candy Kiss angels:
Hot glue a bead on top of Kiss and draw in faces, add wings and halo!

Many years ago, I had heard that a person should name their angel. My favorite name was "Anna" so, that is what I named my angel. Then, many years later, I read in a book called "Visions of the Children", a book about the visions of Medjugorje, that we should ask our angels what their names are and they will tell us. We should also ask our angels to do tasks for us, like waking us up, reminding us to pray, little things. Wow, I thought, I never asked my angel her name. So, that morning, I was living by myself at the time, I knelt down and said, "OK, angel, whatever your name is, somehow tell me today." I went to work and forgot about asking what I'd asked of my angel. Later that evening, after work, I stopped by a video store to rent a movie. I never rented old movies or even looked at them, but all the new releases were out, so I started looking at older movies, (which were in alphabetical order, evidently) the first movie I looked, was called "Anna". I picked it up, out of curiosity, because it is my favorite name, it didn't interest me, so I put it back on the shelf, as I put it back on the shelf, I noticed the next movie was called "Angel" and the next movie after that, was called "Angel II". I froze. A moment frozen in time, a prayer answered. That is the best way I can describe a prayer answered directly to you, a moment frozen in time. I was amazed. My angel answered me. I had named her the right name!!!

Ballerina Rosie picked that as her blog name because that's her angel's name, as is Mary Hannah's. Jedi's angel's name is "Mageeta" not sure how he got that one, but he's called her that since he was 2. Babycakes' angel's name is "Colette" and Tom's angel's name is "Jerry". Now, isn't that cute? Tom and Jerry.

This is just my experience with angels.

If I ask my angel to wake me at a certain time, she will. I will awaken, and know it's my angel waking me up. I think it was Padre Pio's angel who used to awaken him, even when he didn't want to be awakened.

I know of one time my angel prevented me from crashing, I felt her touch me. I was driving home from something really late, during the night, I must have been in my mid 20's, and the roads were clear, (so I thought) I started to move into the left lane, and something literally prevented my steering wheel from moving, and WHOOSH! A motorcycle passed me, moving very fast. If I'd hit him, my life would have changed and he probably would have died. I know it was my angel who saved that whole terrible situation from happening. It's a feeling, a moment frozen in time, you just know. I knew it was her.

I love my angel Anna. I am very close to her, at least I feel very close to her. I talk to her daily and know she is there. When I am pregnant, I feel my baby's angel with me and pray to them daily too. When that baby is out, I feel the absense of the baby's angel, even though the angel is with the baby, the angel's task is different, I suppose.

Our angels help us find a parking space every time we park. I always want to be right next to the cart rack, so I don't have to leave the children to put the cart away, and our angels always find that special spot right next to the rack. Sam's Club, Wal-Mart, the grocery store, you name it, it works! (Can you tell those are the only stores I go to?)

Do you have any stories about your angel? Please tell me about it, I'd love to hear about it!!
Click on the comments and leave it in the comment box!!

**It has been brought to my attention through a faithful commenter that naming angels is discouraged according to Catholic Answers. I did look in the Cathecism and there is nothing in there regarding naming your angel. I have edited some of my post, however, this is my experience with angels. I do know why naming angels is discouraged, some people tend to put too much emphasis in angels and not enough on God. I remember many years ago, when that show came out, "Touched By An Angel", around that time, many books came out about angels and stories about angels and I think angels replaced God for many people. This is not the intent of my story and I pray that does not happen to anyone reading my post about angels.


  1. Oh Babycakes still likes Colette. That is so sweet.

    Love all of your stories. Wish I had a "cool" angel story. I love angel stories and I am fascinated by Padre Pio's angel and St. Faustina's angel also.

    Thank you for sharing.

  2. I love your story Jamie. I have never heard before about naming angels. I did read about a Mom that named the babies she had miscarried by asking God for their names. I had two lost babies and I have been praying for their names. My sister says I should pick their names. But I want to ask God for their names. Now I will pray to know my angel's name.

  3. I had heard of naming your Guardian Angel as well, but never did as a child or her name would always change. My brother, however, has always known his was 'Oscar'. At age 19, just before serving with NET Ministries, I had a strong desire and prayed to learn my angel's name. Shortly before I left home, a priest prayed with me and told me to ask my angel his name and watch for signs that would reveal it. Weeks later, after starting out on the road with NET, my desire became more strong and I asked for signs from my angel. We entered a parish named St. Sebastian's. I thought how that was a very rare parish name and was intrigued by the Saint. A couple of days later, we were at another parish and the priest there invited us to supper. His name? Fr. Sebastian. There was a third incident in there somewhere, which I cannot recall, but I knew that those were my signs. So, Sebastian he is!! I'm sure my mom has long forgotten my angel's name, but she has a strong connection with the name Sebastian and for the longest time she suggested the name to all of our friends who were pregnant!! :)

  4. Just for your info. I was curious as to when a child receives a guardian angel and several priests told me that the baby is under YOUR angel's protection until it is born, then it receives its own angel.

  5. Anonymous, I'm going to refer you to the book "Angel in the Waters" It's a beautiful book for both children and adults, I think you'll love it!

    But, I'm sure the baby is under my guardian angel's protection too. This post has just been my own experience and what I've read.

  6. Jamie, I prayed to know the name of my Angel, but somehow, I felt I should do some research to make sure what the church teaches, and I found this at Catholic Answers:

    The practice of naming guardian angels is discouraged by the Church: "Popular devotion to the holy angels, which is legitimate and good, can, however, also give rise to possible deviations . . . [such as the] practice of assigning names to the holy angels [which] should be discouraged, except in the cases of Gabriel, Raphael, and Michael whose names are contained in Holy Scripture" (Directory on Popular Piety and the Liturgy 217).

  7. Rosario- I edited my post and added a paragraph in red, thank you for looking out for me and my readers, God bless you.

  8. I have been told by MANY holy reglious that you SHOULD name your Guardian Angel. Being obedient :) the kids and I have named our angels. We didn't ask for signs to let us know, the kids just picked the names they wanted (Michael Mary, Gianna Maria Mary, Gabriel Michael, etc.)
    When we start our school day, we say our morning prayers and always say, " Good morning, ++++" and then the guardian angel prayer. The kids always have loved to do that. Even if it isn't the actual name of their angel, they feel closer to their angel calling them by name.
    For all our Holy Angels do for us, I really like to be able to call him/her by name for help, thanksgiving, etc.

  9. Okay, I heard from Mother Angelica that it's good to name your guardian angel (as I stated in my post yesterday). The Church may discourage it (according to Rosarios research), but it's not an all-out "do not". If you name your angel, so what? If you over think this stuff, you become legalistic. God first, then, balance. I understand there are some out there than lose sight of God and focus on "the helpers" . . . so pray for them to see God first. Maybe they do, but they have a strong devotion. Don't over think this stuff.

    Keep it light.

  10. LOVED this post! thank you so much.
    I really need help getting up in the morning. I'll ask my angel!

  11. Lovely post, Jamie! Your craft is so cute, and I love your story about naming your angel. My mom told me to do this when I was little, and I did. I named her Christy. Now, I never asked her what her *real* name is, but maybe I should ... If I find out, I will let you know. On this year's feast, in particular, I felt a strong sense that our family should be more aware of our guardian angels ... I have been feeling this sense for a few months now, but it was especially strong on Friday. I'm sure it's the Lord telling me and our angels reminding me, too—that they are real and they are with us. Always. And we need to ask them to pray and help us more often ...

  12. Oh those look like so much fun!! You always have the greatest craft ideas!

  13. Yes, I believe that angels are real.I had an experience.Ever since I was a kid I used to sleep deeply.Nothing can rouse me at night.But when I was fifteen, a would-be rapist came inside our apartment one night and lay down beside me and started licking my ear.All I felt was that something was pulling me up from my deep dark cavern of unconciousness and it was done quite hurriedly.When I reached the top, my eyes opened and I became aware of what is happening.I couldn't accept it at first and my first thought was maybe I was just dreaming.One thing that also saved me was that I was wrapped in a blanket though it was the height of summer then.When the rapist pulled my blanket it was the time I was able to respond.I got up, turned on the light, and I ran out to go hide outside.
    I know it was my guardian angel who pulled me out of my deep sleep and woke me.I felt distinctly the rush and the struggle going up, up the dark well of unconciousness.I couldn't done that on my own, i was a mild sleepwalker then.And to be instantly alert when i woke up?nah, couldn't done that until now...only on that night.

  14. Wow, Bel, that's quite an experience, and a miracle for sure!!

    I hope they caught the rapist.

    Thank so much for commenting!

  15. well, I loved this post, Jamie Jo. I had never heard of naming one's guardian angel when I was a child. Until a few years ago actually, I hadn't heard of it. I definitely knew I had a guardian angel and that the angel guided me to do right and not wrong, he/she helps me keep a good conscience -- that I think is what i was taught. I love your story of your guardian angel's intervention when you were driving. I mus pray to know my guardian angel's name. Thanks for sharing on this wonderful mystery of our faith.

  16. Definitely an older post but timeless. Those are awesome stories, Jamie Jo. I know of stories from people I know personally but as for myself, no similar experience. The only thing I remember about feeling an angel about me was when I was a little girl going into surgery (6 years old???). At the time it was the gas mask instead of the IV quick sleep so as I became more woozy and drowsy I felt so at peace, bright light above me and that everyone above me was an angel.

    I have felt a need to draw more attention to our guardian angels this feast day and over the past few months really.

    Fr. John Hardon talks about the different thoughts on angels given by different saints over the years. I loved when I heard that we could never really name our angles because they have names that have existed outside of our time, they are probably more beautiful that we could create but we should call them by name. The name we give them is more of a name of endearment, a loving nick name. I can't imagine that a creature that has the purpose of getting us to heaven would be offended that we start talking to them and calling them a name that we love. Names hold so much power and calling someone by name has so much meaning. I believe that calling your angel by name (even if it is just a nickname that the two of you have devised together) bonds that relationship and helps you to remember the angel. I love your very real lived faith that you share with all of us! Thank you!


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