Monday, October 26, 2009

Lots of Stuff!

A woman in my book club gave the kiddos a free art lesson (she's an art teacher) as a gift to me, after having Sweetie Pie. I think this picture perfectly shows the difference between boys and girls! (good thing Louise has 3 boys of her own and knows how boys are)
They each made their Saint that they've picked for All Saints Day!
St John Neumann, the Blessed Virgin, St Ursala and St Zita.

We do have some Fall color, not as vibrant as usual, but we have some!
Christine brought me over a swing for Sweetie Pie, she likes it (sometimes, for a little bit)
Thank you Christine for taking good care of your goddaughter and her mama!
Sweetie Pie does sleep sometimes, especially during Mass! Isn't she darling? That silly hat kept falling in her eyes, but mama had to get a few pictures anyway!
Ballerina Rosie painted her tiger shirt for Halloween. Cheap, easy costume. I made those headband ears. I'll give my on the fence opinion about Halloween in another post...maybe.
Look at these littles!! Peeling a whole big Sam's Club bag of carrots! They did such a great job and those real carrots are so much better than those little baby carrots I usually get!
They giggled and laughed for an hour, it was so cute!


  1. Very cute art project!!!

    I think I like peeled carrots better than those "snack sized" ones as well. Yum.

  2. What a great art lesson!!! They turned out really good!

    I also like the long carrots and we peel and peel.

    The costume looks great. She did a beautiful job painting.

    Hi look great in that swing! And that hat just is stunning on you. Kiss kiss to those cheeks!

  3. No comment on the movie since I stink at movie reviews!!! hee hee

  4. Now I am thinking that I need to buy regular carrots and try them! Costume looks great as does Sweetie-pie! I love the hat on her!

  5. You've been busy! And look at how cute Sweetie Pie is with the hat!! And wide awake too! Be still my heart!! :) Precious.

    My boy loves carrots and loves taking those long ones right out of the fridge and eating an entire one (or two).

  6. We have the same skirt that is on your girl on the right in the last photo =)


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