Monday, October 26, 2009

My Other Front Carrier

This is the Comfy Joey sling I got last week. I just don't like it. It feels like she's falling out.
I keep tightening it and tightening it, and it still feels like she's falling out, I end up holding her head with my hand. Oh, well, maybe it's personality, maybe my personality likes the more restrained carrier, the more organized, detailed one? Anyway, just wanted to show you all


  1. Look...she is getting chubby cheeks. Awwww so sweet!

  2. Oh but she looks so cozy and ADORABLE!!! So precious!

  3. The edge looks loose to me, too. Maybe you'll like it when she's older & more sturdy. But, maybe not. There are a lot of slings/carriers on the market and not all of them work 'for everyone'. You just need to find what makes you comfortable and secure.

  4. I don't have that kind...mine is a pouch and seems much more secure.

    There are a lot of great videos on youtube for this kind of sling. Also, email Ayesha. She may be able to help you-she is very concerned with customers being satisfied.

  5. I wish I could offer helpful advice, but I never used anything like that. I just put 'em in the swing or bouncer seat thingy . . . back when they didn't even have the vibrate/motion device!

  6. she looks like a little rose in bloom swaddled in all that pink!
    she is just too cute, jaimie.
    i really wish i could put in an order for one of those...(another girl!) but i am such a coward. that selfish part of me is just getting used to sleeping alone again. well, with my husband, but you know what i mean. there is something special about having someone little and snugly in your bed. in a sling. or swing. in your has been a while since there was a baby around these parts. just wait till Christmas. she'll be loving all those lights and the tree...

    ps. those girls peeling carrots look so darling too! you have an abundance of girliness in your home!


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