Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"Oh, No! Mama put me down!"

I'm sorry, I've been busy. The first thing to go is computer time! This Sweetie Pie seems to not want to sleep unless Mama is holding her. I already had a baby just like this, so I understand it's personality. Maybe this is the patience that I prayed for a long time ago?
Picture her looking just like this, while I fold the laundry every night. Yep, this is exactly what she looks like!


  1. What about the sling on front or back for hands free, tear free folding? I am sure there comes a time when you just need to put her down. A few tears won't destroy her...singing? A swing?

    Good luck, momma. She is soooo cute.

  2. I am going to buy her a swing. Then I can use if after sweetie-pie is done! This mama needs her blog time so I do not worry about where and what she is doing...I had to call her to make sure everything was alright!!

    Love that little girl outfit. VERY VERY CUTE!

  3. She looks beautiful, even if she is crying! Did your sling come yet? Alex would not sleep today unless I was holding her, so I put her in the sling and was finally able to get some things done.

  4. I don't have to picture her looking like that while you fold the laundry because that's what Anthony looks like when *I* try to fold the laundry.

    Sometimes, anyway.

    Not always.

    They're cute either way, though, aren't they? Your little Sweetie Pie is DARLING!

  5. Oh, hang in there, Jamie! She is so cute, though, even when she's crying!

    Oh, and thanks for linking to that introvert article. I'm printing it out right now. (I'm a bit behind!) I'm an introvert ... I'm going to pass it on to my husband, too, who's an extrovert, but who claims to becoming more introverted in his "old" age!


  6. That's what I look like when I fold my laundry!!

  7. My blood pressure is rising just looking at her, darling as she is. I do hope you find a sling or swing that gives you some hands free time. When my 2 yo was a baby I considered asking the one-armed grocery checker for advice. I didn't, but I did express my admiration

  8. My last four children were just like this! I understand how you feel...
    God Bless.

  9. Aslynn was just like this. Hated the swing, a bouncy chair...would NOT go in a sling (even though nobody believed me), wouldn't sleep in a crib...
    I had to hold her around the clock in a very particular position. Just ordinary holding wouldn't even do. My folding laundry sessions were just like your's. And she was my first baby so I had no other obligations at the time to other children. So, hats off to you and lots of prayers for you. You are going to be one strong and patient woman!!

    Oh, the only respite I got was Target. Yes, the only time she would be put down happily was riding in her car seat clicked in the front of a Target cart. She was mesmerized by the sights and sounds of Target. Wasn't the worst choice she could have made. :)

  10. beautiful baby, probably a little noisier than we'd like, but beautiful still! hi, introducing myself. nice to meet you.

  11. I can't even believe how cute your baby is-she even looks good to me while she's helping with the laundry! ;)

    (If you figure out how to use one of those slingy-things, let me know. That way, if I am ever so blessed again, you can teach me how to use it. Never could quite master them....)

    Hang in there, Jamie!

  12. Oh, boy, what a beauty! Cute outfit, too! :)


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