Thursday, October 22, 2009

You Mean This?

Yes, I got a front pack. It's not a..., Oh, heck can't remember what Christine called hers, but it's a cheaper version of one, got mine for around $27 at Wal-mart. (yes, that's my boob, and look how her head is outgrowing her hair!)
Oh, my goodness, Jamie, suck it in....Oh, I can't after 5 C-sections...I do hope it's a little smaller though, this picture is a few weeks old!
This is fine for a few things, but folding my husband's XXXLT's shirts, well, my arms just don't stretch that far out there, and carrying that laundry basket, well, it can't be done while holding a front pack. I can kick the basket and slide it across the floor though.
Cooking, I can do some things, but I don't want to burn her!!! And dishes? I must have short arms or something, it's too hard to do much with a baby in the front, at least for me. I can teach school though with it!
My baby is smart. She knows right where Mama's left shoulder is, and that is right where she wants to be.
The kiddos are amazed at this, how she will be screaming, and as soon as I pick her up and put her on my left shoulder, she is wide eyed, and happy as can be!
I did break down and buy (because it was on sale for $27) a hot pink Comfy Joey, but I cannot figure out that thing for the life of me! I brought it to Mass so I could ask a friend after Mass how to use it, as she has one similar. Well, I am SUCH a visual learner, that she showed me on her, so when I got home, I couldn't do it. It Has to be shown on ME. Anyway, the darn thing feels like Sweetie Pie is going to fall out, it's just not as secure as this Snugli. This Snugli works great for walks, because my hands are free to hold other little hands!
There you have it.
It's just a phase, in a few months, this time will be gone.


  1. Hey Jamie!! I love it that you say BOOB on your blog. your great.

    She looks happy all snug as a bug in that pack. Glad you found something for walks. For know a left shoulder will have to do for that sweet baby!

  2. I had a sling with my first, and never got the hang of it! I have, however, sworn by my front carrier and have used it with all 4! I have loved it so much that I routinely give one as a baby gift. It's the gift that keeps on giving!

  3. You crack me up! I had to laugh at your little side comments...too funny!
    Hopefully Miss Sweetie Pie lets you get into the 'sling' of things and you can master a few more things with wearing her. At least you can teach! That's gotta be helpful.
    BTW, you are looking great (ahem, as ALWAYS!!) :)

  4. Jamie-Fold the CJ in half, put it on, and cradle her in the middle of where it is folded. Does that make sense?

    You look great by the way!

  5. You can vacuum with them in there too. My third son lived in the front pack so often that when I would lift him up to slide him in, he would close his eyes and almost immediately fall asleep -- Pavlov's dog!

  6. Both the sling and the carriers have their purposes. I like my sling because it is less bulky. Your Sweetie Pie might be too young yet for you to feel comfortable using the sling. Just remember that the top and bottom edges don't have to be 'evenly' pulled. I often pull the bottom through the rings more so it is tighter fit.

  7. Oh ya! THAT is why I could never figure out those wrappy, snuggly things! It's all coming back to me now!

  8. I wanted to ask, have you asked her doctor about reflux at all? I only ask because the picture in your last post of her, screaming the way she was, well...I have an exact picture of David. He screamed all the time unless I was holding him or nursing him. Literally. At seven weeks they put him on reflux meds and it helped alot. I had to give up caffeine and dairy too for a bit (it was hard!). I like the Mei Tai wraps as well. My husband or I wore David in that thing for the first year of his life. It was a life saver, and I liked it better than the other slings/snugli's. She's beautiful and you're doing a great job! Oh, also, babies with reflux like being upright. Helps stop the pain...:-)

  9. Hi Jen!!
    I don't think it's reflux, because she does have quiet moments, but I do laundry in the evening and that's when she's fussy and in the daytime, every time she does fall asleep, little Babycakes comes over "I'm jus kissin' her", literally, every time! :)

  10. Boy, I missed a lot! I haven't been here since your pregnancy was announced and here you have a two month old! She's beautiful!

    We're expecting our fifth, a girl, in February and she will be my fifth C-section, so I'm sympathizing with you. I think you look great but I know what you mean--Cesareans make it hard to EVER suck that tummy in again. :P

    Good luck with the fussies! I had two colicky babies, the kind that wouldn't sleep more than 45 minutes and couldn't be pleased. Sounds like your new little one isn't that difficult to please but I bet your back still gets tired! ;)

    God bless!


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