Sunday, November 15, 2009


Don't forget your cornucopia supplies this year!


  1. Thanks for the great idea! The kids will have to make these for sure. We're hosting this year, and wanted to get the kids involved with the treat making.
    Also, at our Little Flower's meeting on Saturday, we were served "Pilgrim Hats". We were told that we are all "pilgrims" on our journey with Christ. Neat!
    They were SUPER easy. Get some circular cookies that have chocolate coating on the back with a hole in the middle (I think they are Keeblers and have chocolate stripes down the front) and then turn a mini Reese's PB cup upside down on the all chocolate side and glue with a dab of frosting. Joila - Pilgrim Hats!!

  2. Cute idea Sarah!! We'll have to make those with these cornucopias!

    I'll post a picture when we do them!


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