Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Exercise Machines!

Anyone fall for those infomercials? Well, I have a couple times, maybe a few times. This is one thing I've loved, can't say it's worked, but I've loved it! Only 5 minutes a day, 3 times a week and walla!! Great buns and thighs....sure....I've also had the Ab Roller, which I also loved, but it ended up hurting my back and I couldn't do it anymore, broke my heart to give it away! I also fell for some woman who had this video where you hold your breath and move your mouth wierd ways and pinch your buns in for so many seconds and well...what a waste of money, can't believe I fell for that one! I broke this out the other day and could barely do 1 minute! Today, I did 5 minutes. My goal is to do it every day for 5 minutes. It doesn't sound like a lot, does it? Well, somehow it is. My original goal was to start yesterday, but I never found the 5 minutes!
I also dusted off the old treadmill! (just so you know, even if you use your treadmill, it gets dusty!) I only walked 5 minutes, slow, too. My old broken leg is not doing as hot as I'd like. I've tried walking a couple times and it really hurts. It's kind of disappointing, because I feel good and WANT to walk. Stairs are still kind of tricky, at least going down. I thought maybe the treadmill would be a little better for my leg, at 2.8 miles per hour, for only 5 minutes, it's a little sore. It's a start. I read somewhere where a woman who lost 100 lbs started walking 1 minute per day and added a minute each day until she was up to 30 minutes. I'm starting with 5 minutes per day, for a week and adding 5 more minutes each week. Hoping to anyway!!
Walking has always done it for me. Just plain fast walking. It's always helped me lose weight. I love to walk and pray the rosary, it's fun to pray for everyone I think of as I'm walking, for everyone I see. It's quiet time for my body and mind.
Baby is crying....gotta go!


  1. sigh ... I hear you. what is the blue thing? something Roller, can't figure out how it worked. I think you've set reasonable goals, working your way up to longer periods.

  2. I had a stair-master machine once!!

    Best story is when Brian bought a bench weight lifting thingy. We hauled it downstairs. The next time we touched it was when we hauled it back up to sell in our garage sale. ha.

    poor sore footsie. Can you go swimming at the Y?

    I have always been a fan of walking also. Better on the joints and knees then running.

  3. I know I won't use the exercise equipment, so I've never bought anything. My husband has made a few purchases. The latest was an eliptical machine. We had the discussion and I was assured it would be used. We even have it out in the open in the basement ... in front of the TV to make it more enticing. It's only been used a handful of times and the kids love playing on it, of course.

    I told my hubbie he should leave it where it's at because I'll use it to get rid of my extra baby weight (and I will), then he can put it in the utility room. Apparently, putting it in a room we seldom enter will increase it's use .... I'm not sold.

  4. We have no room for exercise equipment. I have a Wii Fit, but haven't used it since I got pregnant. I would like EA Active for Wii because I think I'd do it. I have a dozen Firm videos, but it is really hard to do with thekids around. *sigh* Oh and the breathing, funny face one? Had that one too...shipped it back before the 30 days were up!

  5. You guys are sooo funny!

    Yes!! Christine, I've had a stairmaster too!!! I actually LOVED it!! I've always loved working out! It's just now, I have no time! My old roommate used to tease me for always bouncing on my stairmaster....of course that is a long, long time ago when I was actually thin....and beautiful!!

    Therese-I'd love the Firm videos!! Those informercials look soooo good, but, like you, I'd have no time!

    I DO love the Walk Away the Pounds videos....just need to make the time!

    Gardenia- the blue thingy is a Bun and Thigh Roller and you sit on the floor, grab onto the handles and roll back pinching your butt in and you can feel the burn in the thighs and butt. (never said butt so much in one sentence) Butt, Butt, Butt!

    Suzie, that eliptical machine sounds great!!

  6. I had the bun and thigh rocker . . . used it for about half an year on and off and it got shoved under the stairs . . . left it near the trash on our way out of MD to come to HI.

    I'll walk, thank you, and pray, too. Good spiritual and physical exercise!!

  7. Too funny...yes, when I begin to even watch any of those infomercials, hubby quickly pulls me back to reality.
    I've tried a cheap elliptical and got rid of it. Hurt my back and honestly, I just got tired of standing while I worked out!! ha.

    Now if I use any type of machine, it's the only one we have and it's a recumbant bike. Like it, most of the time. Would love to have a treadmill..one day.

    I've actually got a post I'm working on (maybe for next week) on a workout that I've been incorporating in my exercise routine for over a month now. I'll give more info. in my post, but it's actually called the Rosary Workout. It starts at a very beginner level and works up over the weeks. I think the total time is almost like a half year or more if you keep progressing at their recommended levels. It's a great way to pray the rosary and get in the right pace where you are burning calories too. It can be used during walking, jogging, biking, etc. Inside or out. Watch for my post! :)

  8. I have a treadmill and an elliptical. I don't use the elliptical anymore and only use the treadmill when it's raining outside. There are a lot of things to do without the machines. You've set good goals for yourself!


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