Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Jedi Got Glasses!

He looks so cute, I really have to control myself from saying every time I see him, "You look so cuuuute!" (in my mama cute baby boy voice) By the time we got home from picking them up yesterday, I'd already taken quite a few pictures he begged me to stop taking pictures.
OK, but you look so cuuuute!


  1. Yes, he's a smart looking boy! Handsome in every conceivable way.

  2. Yes, I have to agree with Therese and Sarah—He is very handsome. And you are just a proud mama =) Nothing wrong with that!

  3. Agree with the others, he is pretty darn handsome!

  4. Those are some smart looking glasses. He is so smart with them on or off. CUTE!

  5. I love glasses! He looks so handsome. Sometimes getting glasses can be hard on a kid, it is so wonderful that he has you telling him how wonderful he looks! I remember when my eldest got glasses and she was so nervous. Everyone was so nice to her though so she enjoyed it... for awhile... She is a teen now (she has had then since 2nd grade) and she is getting her first pair of contacts next week!

  6. WOW! Luke was impressed with Jedi's glasses. How does he like them? He looks so mature now - years older :)


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