Wednesday, November 18, 2009

She's Not Always Crying!

Sweetie Pie started smiling and laughing in the past couple weeks!
Look at that cute, soft, squishy face!!! So kissable and sweet!

She really is only fussy from about 8-midnight, if not on my breast. So she's not a night person, that's ok...
As long as you keep giving me those great laughing squeals in the daytime!

She doesn't always cry when Babycakes holds her! Look at that laughing, slobbery, double chinned Sweetie Pie!! We truly are blessed!


  1. I want to hold her, Jamie!!! I wish we could meet!!! So very cute!

  2. Yeah, what Therese said! It makes my heart ache with such gladness to see your girl so happy and cute!!

  3. what an adorable baby!
    God Bless.

  4. squishy cuteness.
    for sure.
    she is such a doll.
    all your kids are so cuuuttteee....jaimie.
    jedi looks so gentlemanly cute in those glasses.
    and i love your little pilgrim/cornucopia ideas!
    thanks for sharin'!

  5. Oh dear preciousness...thanks for the afternoon smile.

  6. Wow, she's changed so much since I visited in October. The time goes so fast ... glad she's smiling more and that Babycakes can hold her. (Graham asks to hold Leo the most of all the kids, it would be hard to let him so much if Leo didn't like it!)

  7. What a little doll! Everyone wants to hold her. Nothing is any better than a baby. I need another grandbaby--NOW!!! Nerm

  8. Oh I cannot wait till I have mine even more now.

    She is a little cutie.

  9. She has truly blossomed since we were down to visit! The kids and I all agree that she looks like Clare the most. Can't wait to see her and hold her again!


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